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Nigerian Girl Narrates Ugly Encounter With Robbers & Rapists Inside Oshodi Bus

BUSAYO-1A young Nigerian woman (pictured above) recounted the nasty experience she had when she took a bus ride to work on the morning of June 14th to Oshodi in Lagos, Nigeria.

Busayomi Adegun says, she was attacked by eight men who pretended to be passengers, including the bus driver.

Please read her story which I edited for convenient reading…

I woke today with a smile on my face with full strength and a vision to start a beautiful day…but it all turns out to be a bad crying day, that I can never forget in my life….

On my way to work this morning, I entered Oshodi bus from Fadeyi… Immediately I entered, the guy on my left side started complaining that the one at the back was trying to pick his pocket. Next thing, he changed position to my right side and said, onipa wa oooo….

Next thing, immediately the one at the back hooked my neck and said ‘don’t shout’. The one beside the driver said allow her to lay down on the floor….. They dragged me flat on the floor… He collected my bag, started asking questions, ‘where do you work?’ I said, ‘I am a student.’ ‘Which school?’ ‘Which course?’ ‘What level?’ [They asked for]my name, my state….I [kept] answering the questions….

He picked my ATM [and] asked for my pin. I told him. He gave it to one of them and they dropped him…

I started crying [and wondered] if this is actually my end. Are they going to use (rape) me? Are they going going to kill me? So many things started coming into my mind. I remembered my mum and my siblings; the 27-years-ago story THAT can’t be forgotten in my family…..mmmmm.

I [kept] begging them not to hurt me. The man in front said if they found [a certain] amount in my account they won’t hurt me; but if I [gave] them a wrong pin or [they found] no money in my account, they will call my family or they will rape me till I lose my last breath.

I started praying silently calling for mercy. They were 8 guys……one was busy touching my breast one hooked my neck down, one used his legs to pin my legs together. I keep crying calling God to save me….

Busayomi Adegun

Next thing, the guy who [dropped off to withdraw the cash] called them. [After the call,] the one in the front passed something to the one at the back. They told me to close my eyes but I didn’t. I said to myself, if I’m going to die, I’m going to open my eyes and see everything…..

Next thing it was pepper. He put pepper in my two eyes, my breast and he was trying to open my trouser zip but he couldn’t. I was screaming [that] I can’t see. I was trying to [protect] my eyes [from] more pepper, [I was] trying to [grab] my jeans [so they won’t] put pepper in my vagina. [I was] thinking [if they’ll] still want to rape me after all they collected from me: my phones, power bank, my sister’s money in my bag and the change I [had there] too.

They packed everything and dropped me on the floor at Cooker going to Oshodi. [And up] till now I’m still not myself. I’ve never [been] handled like that in my life (June 14) my terrible day.

I just want to close my eyes and forget everything but I can’t. It keeps playing in my head and it’s hurting me more.

Hmmmmmmmmm…Thank God for saving my life……….BUSAYO-3



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