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Nigerian Man Offers His ‘Services’ To Married Women Whose Husbands Are Weak In Bed

gigoloThis young man found a creative way to warm himself into the hearts and perhaps beds of lonely married women who crave for more sex than their husbands can give. Read…

“I was just twenty years old the first time a married woman proposed a relationship to me. She would text me all day long and night and even when I was starting to get uncomfortable with this habits, I never made it clearly known because I had a very good relationship with her husband and I enjoyed a lot of favours from them.
But she become morbidly angry whenever I delay her texts and I had to always replay back with something. And whenever I visited their house, she would ask to have my phone and she would instantly go to Whatsap and clear all the messages in our conversation. She always cleared up her own as well. It was quite clear where she was headed but I was ready to see how far she could pull through it all.
I then one day, she opened up suddenly and asked me to consider the thought of having sex with her. I politely declined her outrageous demand and she kept pressing on and on to the point of becoming so emboldened and desperate about it and that was when I snapped and threatened to report her to her husband if she doesn’t quit chatting me and she dropped it and we continued to have a cordial relationship even though it was marked by irregularities and awkwardness.
But it took a few years afterwards for me and after some experiences coupled with maturity before I came to understand the plight of some married women in this country.
In one of our chats, I questioned her about why she is so bent on cheating on her husband and she opened up to me about her man’s weakness in bed and how he can’t go more than one round and even that one round doesn’t last longer than 10 minutes and he would require two or three more days to be able to have sex again and while for her, she needs sex every single day and can do it in the the morning, afternoon and in the night.

When I asked her if she didn’t have sex with him before they got married, she said she did have and she noticed this limitations but never bordered about it because she loved him genuinely and he was her only suitor who was financially stable and also generous.
women-gigoloBut a lot of other things happened in my life between the ages of 20 and my current 25 years that opened my eyes to the reality of life in marriage. I came to realize that everything in life has got an expiry date even love itself. It may only be longer or shorter for certain couple and when this love expires while in marriage, their is a tendency to find someone else who you love and serious desire to have but simply cannot due to the taboo factor and several other sentimental reasons. But then it doesn’t stop you from burning inside with desire and ruminating and imagining a chance to have a special moment with the object of your affection.
Since African society excuses and trivializes infidelity in men, most men go on ahead to start a relationship with the person they love and will do everything needed to keep her interested in the affair especially funding and fending for her. In most cases, the man may still love his wife and would trade her for nothing but still desires his happy hours with the sexy, young blood outside.
But what options are there for the married women whose relationship with her husband has grown sufficiently cold beyond fixing it, but while she still knows that her marriage is important to her and would trade it for nothing, she also needs some spice in her life which only that young and virile guy can provide.
I’m of the opinion that marriage is not an end in itself and the door to one’s heart is never completely shut because they got married. One will, whether married or not come across people they are attracted to each and everyday sometimes the attraction may be so grounded and strong that that one will be left without an option but to give in to the voice of your heart and move for ball. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants.
For that reason I had to sit down, deliberated on the matter at hand and I consciously adjusted my philosophy to accommodate more scenarios and situations that may come my way.

And for now, if a woman who is married is attracted to me and wants to shag me, as long I also attractive enough, I would surely not mind giving her the moments she misses in her marriage, I’m just helping her weak husband in the area where he lacks strength. You can’t be bad at something and still not wish to be replaced by someone better. Nature itself abhors leaving a vacuum. So in essence, I will gladly consider a married woman that wants a piece of me as long as she’s able and willing to obey the 11th commandment!!
Thou shall not get caught! In fact we mustn’t be suspected to be having anything at all and it has to be just sex and nothing more to it. Don’t freak me out with the talk of having my child while pretending that it belongs to your husband or even divorcing your husband to clear the road to be with me and all of those nonsense. Once that condition is guaranteed, the rest is history!


Featured Photo Credit: Kunle Ayodeji | IG: @shotbybank for BeyondClassicallyBeautiful.com

Male model photo source: DailyPostNg



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