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Nigerian Woman Tricks Nigerian Man Living In Yankee Into Scam Marriage

BLACK COUPLE-SAD-600X399A Facebook user has told a story about a young Nigerian woman who in her desperation to get an American permanent residency marries a Nigerian student based in the United States and then does everything to get him to divorce her so she can return to her true love in Nigeria.

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The Great Deception

Yesterday one of my good friends who lives in the same city called me and like , “Chioma I swear , this world is coming to an end!”

Honestly, after listening to her , I took a long unprepared nap ! This is no longer men or women matter ! Human beings are becoming even more wicked these days !

Her story is that one of her town’s men called her yesterday , in fact they stayed over three hours on the phone , the guy had a melt down and thank God she was available , she at least give him the platform to verbalize his feelings.

So this guy came from back home to do his post graduate studies here in North America .
After some time , he decided it was time for him to get married ; that he didn’t have to wait until he graduates and somehow he got linked with this babe back home. This guy in question is 35 and his wife is 32 .

This guy , from the beginning, honestly told this babe that listen , am currently not working in obodo oyibo , I might do a little bit of side jobs but am still a student ooo ! A full time student !

The babe trust me pretended like she understood , presented herself like she was what the guy was looking for and they got married.

Down the line , she had a baby boy for the guy back home because the permanent residency papers he filed for her was not yet ready as of that time . This guy will be given student loan and he will send it home to his wife and son ,

Finally , everything was set for her to come join her husband in obodo oyibo ; on the day of her arrival here with her son , Oga and his friend went to pick them at the airport .
When he saw his wife , she was wearing this big frown , no sign of excitement of someone seeing her husband , no excitement of someone coming to obodo oyibo at least for the first time ! When Oga’s friend offered to take them a picture, and She refused !

Hian ! Oga’s friend was like it’s everything ok with your wife and he was like you know it has been a stressful journey traveling with a child and his friend was like ohk .

Almost one week later , madam was still carrying face at home , Oga was now like sweet whats is the problem ? And the wife blurted ,”I was told by this stupid immigration at the airport that I will only get my permanent residency after two years if am still married to you?” Oga was shocked !
He was like it is the new law and why its that a problem with you ?
Don’t you intend being married to me in the next two years ? And she walked away !

Then one day , while Oga was coming back from school , he walked in on madam telling someone on the phone , “you know its you I love.” That was when Oga connected the dots that madam has someone else she is in love with back home ! That she probably married his just to come abroad, divorce him and will now go home to bring her lover !

While he was trying to deal with this shock , madam was confirmed pregnant !
The doctor told her Oga that judging from the time madam arrived here , that the pregnancy is not his . As heartbroken as he was , he told her that he was willing to accept the pregnancy .
Madam pretended like agreed with Oga , only for her to go behind his back and did an abortion!
Oga only found out because he found her on the floor few days later bleeding , called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital

After receiving treatment, and returning home she starting home , she started doing that will make Oga beat her ! Sometimes she will wake up in the middle of the night and start a quarrel , she did some many things to push his button so that he can beat her and she will call the police for him .

The thing is that the two years permanent residency rule if the couple are still married has an exception ; victims of domestic violence are given permanent residency if they divorce , even if its less than two years of the marriage ! So madam wanted Oga to beat her so that she claim domestic violence, leave the marriage and still get her papers .

Finally, she went ahead and called the police one day , even though Oga did not even touch or do anything to her ! Police came and was like madam what happened and she couldn’t talk ! Why did you call us ? And she said nothing . Police called Oga aside and told him to better be careful !

Oge had to move out his apartment, is now squatting with a friend’s basement ! If not , he will either go to jail for domestic violence or end up in a psychiatric home !

In less than one year she came here, they are currently going through divorce ! Just like me and my friend agreed, we asked him to tell the court that he wants a DNA of their child , before even asking for any form of custody . At least to be sure the child is his , and yes he asked already ! This is not a women for women thing , I believe in justice !

Yes she can call us names but there is no way that guy is going to pay you child support if we are not sure the child is even his !

When asked why he stayed and tool all those things from his now estranged wife , he was like after calculating all the money , time and emotions he invested on the relationship , he felt he could manage , that he could change her , that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know !

Well , the karma you get for messing up with a good man or woman, is the bitch you will end up with !

Nora Oma (c),2015

Source: Nora Oma Patrick/Facebook



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  1. Well,well,well….the guy should be lashed on his bare bum in the public,tied to a stake. What was that? Love or what exactly? Mtscheewww….

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