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Nigeria’s Love Charm ‘Voodoo’ Market [WATCH VIDEO]

OSUN VOODOO MARKET-2Animals mostly belong in the wild, the water or at home as pets, but in Oja Oba market in Osun Oshogbo, Nigeria, animals like chameleons, crocodiles,rats, goats etc are used for fetish charms and voodoo.

“With just 150 Naira, i can hook the man of my dreams,” says Adeola

BattaBox presenters Adeola and Timothy visits Osun Oshogbo’s famous Oja Oba voodoo market, where you find cowries, animal horns, goat heads, cat heads and different dried out animals used to make any charm, be it for love , safe delivery, examination success, or whatever you desire.

“The dried rats are used to make concoctions for pregnant women’s safe delivery,” says the sales woman.

But most of these charms are not used for good, some could be used for evil or wickedness…

“Chameleons and rattle snake heads are used to do evil,” says another man as he shows us around

Although if these charms really work,who are the people who buy charms from the Oja Oba market? Adeola asks one of the women.

“Our clients are Muslims, Christians and Herbalists,” she says

When it comes to the tutorial on making love charms, Adeola has bigger plans for herself as she makes her special strong love portion for our Nigerian money bags, both home and abroad.

“Men, you people are finished,” laughs adeola

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