No Excuse For Being Pretty & Dumb…BBNaija’s Ese Eriata Doesn’t Know Meaning Of Bsc.


ESE ERIATA-485x599There is really no excuse for being dumb, especially when [you claim] you went to school. I really find it annoying to see a beautiful girl face beat, well dressed, expensive human hair but inside the skull…no brain but coconut water.

I have zero tolerance for such people. Guys, now I’m talking directly to you. Apart from insisting that your future wife washes her face with soap and water to see her real face before you decide if her natural beauty is appealing enough to you, endeavour to test her IQ. It is very important, before she distributes ‘dumb genes’ to your children and your descendants.

I’ve never paid for any lesson teacher to brush my children up on any ‘weak subject’ because I made an effort to be brilliant and I looked for a husband with an A Class brain, long before I looked at his account balance. That’s because I know that a head filled with knowledge will not only find a way to fill his bank account, but will transfer that spirit of excellence to my children/descendants.

For me intelligence is everything. That’s what I look for in every person. I’ve seen elderly illiterate men and women dissect news on CNN and discuss current affairs in a way that made me question my degrees. They spoke in fluent pidgin/vernacular and delivered their points impressively. So please, no one should come at me with that ‘lack of opportunity’ excuse. I’m talking about the interest of seeking knowledge.

Most youths today are lazy, period. They won’t read, research or inquire knowledge. It was a thing of pride in our time to read dictionaries like a book, expand our vocabulary, read encyclopedias, boast about how many books/novels we read. If the social media was born in our time where the answer to almost every question is at the finger tips thanks to search engines, we would have been geniuses, I tell you.

Now kids can’t spell, they cover it up with abbreviations. They mix their tenses and claim it’s a slang. They want instant fame thanks to social media and reality entertainment. Everyone who thought T-boss should have won Big Brother Naija is an idiot. She couldn’t sing our national anthem and people felt she should have won a show that had Nigeria as its last name? At my children’s inter-house sports yesterday, parents were asked to rise for the national anthem/pledge. Every parent and I mean every parent sang it well. I can even hum the American, German and Russian national anthems from watching the Olympics, so what excuse would a patriotic Nigerian have for not knowing the words of his/her anthem?

Today, I’m seeing another trending video of fake BBNaija housemate Ese. She was asked the meaning of “Bsc.” and she responded:
“Bsc. like school? Wait…wait…I know it…and she just kept laughing and couldn’t say.”

Tomorrow, this beautiful girl will have children and can’t help with their homework because she didn’t set her priorities straight. Who school epp abi? It helps you exercise the depth, width and height of your quest for knowledge so that even when you’re rich and famous, it would not make you look like an idiot on national television.

Watch the video…


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