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Nollywood Actress, Uche Iwuji Breaks Silence…Says Stories Of Marriage Crash Are Rumours

Uche-Iwuji UCHE IWUJI-TWEETSYesterday, I reported that Nigerian actress, Uche Iwuji‘s marriage to Juwon Lawal had crashed and it was alleged that her leaked nude photos and infidelity on her part was responsible for the break up of her marriage.

Uche took to Twitter yesterday to rant. She debunked all reports of her marriage being in trouble and calling those who reported the story, “home breakers.”

I was able to dig up an uncensored photo of the nude photo I posted yesterday. Turns out she took the topless photo with another girl her younger days. Probably why it was difficult for me to ascertain if it was really her.

Please let me just stress this to the younger ladies (and even some married women). Please, please and please…never let anyone have access to your nude photos. If you can help it, don’t take any at all. You never know where God will elevate you to in future. These photos would just surface online to embarrass you and tarnish your image whether you’re a good person or not. Many may not understand that you did this as an ignorant teenager. You’ll be judged as disgusting for this mistake.

But as for Uche’s marriage being in trouble, there’s no doubt about that. Truth is they always try to deny and cover it up at first, until the wind blows everything open.

Like I always say, I hate divorce. It’s my prayer that the lovely Uche is able to sort things out with her husband.




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  1. You have said it all but I must add that I find it very un natural & totaly sickening for anybody whatsoever, to take nude pictures for whatever reasons. Can we say it is civilsation? Of course not!! Civilised people don’t stay nude rather nudity is either for animals or de stone age men/women. True African womanhood should not be disgraced by few misguided ones on de altar of vanity.

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