Nonso The Earcutter & The Pressure On African Women To Marry


NONSO EARCUTTER-ALast week Nigerian Internet was flooded with pictures of a woman whose darling husband allegedly cut off her right ear with a pair of pliers.

The husband Nonso Paul Nzedebe is said to be a lawyer, but henceforth, I shall dub him ‘Nonso the Earcutter.’

According to reports, the woman Nwogo Nzedebe got married to ‘Sir Earcutter’  in December, 2014 and they have a 4-month-old baby boy together.

NONSO EARCUTTER-2Nwogo’s mutilated ear

On Monday November 16th at their home, Sir Earcutter allegedly used a pair of pliers to cut off the Nwogo’s ears during a fight. Now, the couple got into a fight because Nwogo had reported Sir Earcutter’s constant abuse and domestic violence to the police.

A close friend to the couple says Nwogo has been suffering abuse from her husband since the beginning of the marriage and she hoped that with the birth of  their baby, he’d treat her better. But not long after she was discharged from hospital after delivery, Earcutter allegedly locked her up, beat her, and stabbed her with a knife.

NONSO EARCUTTER-3Nwogo and her husband seemed happy together

This friend said:

“The girl carried the pregnancy for 9 months in agony and threats but we thought after delivery he will amend his ways. She had hoped things would change for the better but not until their baby boy, arrived. The day she was discharged from hospital, after a CS operation, he beat her, locked her up and used a knife to stab her.

But she escaped and ran to Rubghe Police Station to report. He was invited but refused to honor their invitation. He later assured them he will show up and was cautioned to maintain maximum peace till he shows up. Eventually, on the 16th of November, he cut her ear with pliers for reporting the abuse she was facing.”

NONSO EARCUTTER-4The couple about to kiss after their wedding

According to reports, the lawyer was summoned to the police station but has not shown up yet. So my question is why is the Nigerian government still refusing to treat the act of domestic violence as a serious crime? When a man who claims to be a lawyer lives above the law, how is he brought to book? What laws are in place to protect women from such physical assault and abuse in marriage?

You wouldn’t believe how Wikipedia describes Domestic Violence in Nigeria. It states:

“There is a deep cultural belief in Nigeria that it is socially acceptable to hit a woman to discipline a spouse.

“Domestic violence is widespread and shows no signs of lessening in Nigeria. The CLEEN Foundation reports 1 in every 3 respondents admitting to being a victim of domestic violence.”

“There is currently a push in Nigeria for federal laws concerning domestic violence and for a stronger national response and support for domestic violence issues.”


NONSO EARCUTTER-5Nonso & Nwogo during their traditional wedding

Now, to our African parents. Are they putting too much pressure on their single daughters to get married to beasts, so far these beast have a one-eyed snake dangling between their legs?

I’m no soothsayer but this is what I’m able to deduce from my calculations. Nwogo got pregnant in October 2014. Depending on the family she comes from, they might have put pressure on Earcutter to do the right thing by marrying their daughter. Nwogo being eager to settle down like some of her friends ignored the tell-tale signs of abuse. Surely, Nonso displayed these tendencies while they were dating. But like the friend said, Nwogo hoped he’d “get better”…whatever that means.

They hurriedly marry in December 2014, before the pregnancy would show. July 2015, baby arrives and the story gets worse.

NONSO EARCUTTER-6Nonso, Nwogo with their four month old son

Can our society begin to change the way they think??? Can we begin to rate the success of our single daughters, sisters and friends based on their individual achievements and not on whether they are married to a man? Not all men are men. Some are monkeys, elephants and buffaloes. If we apply less pressure on this women to live up to ‘society’s standards’ perhaps, it will help them in studying their suitors more carefully before delving into marriage.

NWOGO-EARThis woman’s ear has been badly mutilated. Kudos to the plastic surgeon who’ll try restoring this ear to how God created it. Parents, watch carefully the suitors who come to tell you that they saw a lovely flower in your garden they’ll love to pluck. This is the plucking Nonso Paul Nzedebe has done to somebody’s daughter. And the law will let him walk free.

Now everyone take a very good look at Nwogo as a confident single lady taking a selfie (pictured bottom right). Now, take a look at her face as a married woman…


Where did the happily-ever-after go? Was she better off single?

I leave you to judge.


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