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North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un Executes His Uncle…Says He Is “Worse Than A Dog” [PHOTOS+VIDEO]

Family: Shown with his powerful nephew during a military parade in February last year, Jang Song Thaek (left) was once the second most powerful man in North Korea. Some say he was seen as a threatNorth Korean leader, Kim Jong-un had his own uncle, Jang Song Thaek, executed as a traitor last night. Before his death, Jang was considered one of the most powerful figures in North Korea and he had served as a mentor to Kim Jong Un. This shocking act comes months after Kim publicly executed his girlfriend.

Jang was betrayed by his own wife who ratted on him that he was planning to overthrow the government. He was also accused of corruption and ‘depraved’ acts such as womanising and drug and alcohol abuse. He was tried in court yesterday and executed immediately after he was found guilty. Photos show the 67-year-old Jang being led away to be executed.

The country’s secretive media has branded Jang as ‘worse than a dog’ and the ‘worst traitor of all times.’ It is also believed that Kim carried out this execution to assert his authority and independence as leader.

Earlier this week it emerged that Jang’s face had been airbrushed out of a North Korean TV documentary about Kim Jong-Un. The original clips are pictured top, and the new versions are seen bottom…


Jang Song Thaek being led out of court to be executed

Watch the video…

Source: Daily Mail UK
Video Credit: ABC News



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