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Notorious Lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye Accused Of Allegedly Pocketing 700k Of His Chapter Members Money

EMEKA UGWUONYE-3Emeka Ugwuonye is in the news again. This time he has been accused by the Ikorodu Chapter members of his Due Process Advocates (DPA) organisation of pocketing seven hundred thousand naira (N700,000).

This amount was allegedly paid to him by a particular member of DPA Ikorodu Chapter as payment for legal fees. Sources who brought the news to Peace Ben Williams Blog claim that he did not handle the case. The aggrieved member  was forced to report the matter to her chapter coordinator, Doc Maria Mordi Gomes who took up the matter with him. When he tried to sweep the case under the carpet, Gomes warned him that this incident will lead to his waterloo. She and some other chapter members took to Facebook to call him out.

One Bridget Otiede wrote:

“Emeka Ugwuonye this questions are for you
Why you collects 6k without attending to members pressing issues?

Why you won’t pick calls nor reply messages when members urgently need you?

Why you collects money for cases from members without working on their matter?

Why you don’t pick calls and reply messages after payments for matters?

Why you refuse to refund money you didn’t work for?

Why starts impromptu meetings without a call for meeting?

Why do you insult members?

Why you remove members through your admins whenever questions that need answers are asked?

Why you share members sensitive chats with you to the public?

Why you removed our coordinator from DPA Org knowing she is our eyes in Dpa

Meaning you are cutting us your members away from DPA news and happenings?

Why did you removed Esse and Gloria from DPA org platforms just cos they asked questions?

Why are you bringing DPA down?

Why you keep saying you dont care if people leave the group ?

Why people are muted and removed from DPA whenever questions are asked?

Why you decided to register DPA as a company instead of a trustee outfit since its not a company but an NGO?
Please we need answers to the above questions.”bridget odiete

Otiede went on to post some documents showing how the controversial lawyer had been disbarred by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), and some criminal cases he was implicated in the United States…emeka ugwuonye-court-1 emeka ugwuonye-court-2 emeka ugwuonye-court-3 emeka ugwuonye-court-4Otiede also went on to pose more questions to Ugwuonye on her Facebook wall, citing the case of Charity ‘Chacha’ Aiyedogbon, an Abuja business woman who mysteriously disappeared few years ago and whose case has remained unsolved. She wrote again:

“Part 2 question
Emeka Ugwuonyen, is it true that you have been disbarred?
Then why collecting cases fees while you know fully well that you cannot represent them nor have lawyers in your retend apartment at Lugaurd to represent them?

Why are you so heartless to refund the innocent little girl of five years that was raped donations to her parents?

Emeka Ugwuonyen, what is your involvement in Chaha murder that led to your arrest and detention for several days at Keffi Prison Abuja?”

The lawyer has since defended himself by posting a lengthy statement on his Facebook group called DPA claiming the people accusing him are aggrieved because he sacked them from DPA admin positions.



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