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Onitsha Stands Still As Primrose Obata Dodo Buries Mom, Late Magistrate Winifred Asika [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

primrose-majie-funeral-1On Wednesday, November 30, 2016; the world stood still as Magistrate Winifred Nkiruka Nwachinemere Asika aka Majie, Teacher, Miss, Winnie was given her full burial rites and laid to rest in Onitsha, Anambra State.

The late 73-year-old Magistrate, was from the prominent Asika family in Onitsha and a niece to the first president of Nigeria, the late Owelle of Onitsha, Nnamdi Azikiwe. She is also the mother of popular Irish-based Nigerian blogger and media mogul, Primrose Obata Dodo (pictured above).

The late Magistrate Asika was a titled woman in the Onitsha society. She was inducted into the prestigious and glamourous ‘Otu Odu Women’s Cultural Society of Onitsha’; a revered elite guild of titled women, where she bore the title, ‘Enyi Nwachi Na Emelu.’

Nwachi Winifred was also the elder sister to the current Akpe-Olodi of Onitsha, Chief (Barr.) Chulo Etuka Asika. The Akpe-Olodi is the third highest title in Onitsha after the Obi of Onitsha himself.

Majie was highly cerebral and had the uncanny ability to fluently speak other Nigerian dialects aside her Igbo mother tongue. She spoke fluent Efik which she must have learnt during her secondary boarding school days at Holy Child Catholic Girls’ School, Ikot Ekpene in the old Calabar division. She also spoke fluent Yoruba and Bini. So Nigerian culture, food, music and entertainment were at its best as drums and flutes were played and gunshots fired in her honour to signal her journey to the great beyond.

Peace Ben Williams was live in Onitsha to cover this sad but epoch-making event as indeed the five children Majie had rolled out the drums to celebrate her life and achievement in the midst of their irreparable loss. I regret not meeting her alive, but even in death, she exuded a beauty so rare you’d wish death was never a debt a human had to pay. I silently dubbed her ‘Majie the Beautiful’ in my heart. Rest in peace, beautiful mother…

primrose-majie-funeral-bFuneral program of Magistrate Winifred Asika
primrose-majie-funeral-2Majie lies in Saint Mary’s Catholic Church, Awka Road, Onitshaprimrose-majie-funeral-3The officiating priestprimrose-majie-funeral-4Funeral massprimrose-majie-funeral-5The Akpe Olodi of Onitsha, Chief Chulo Asika (right) talking with an elder in church. Akpe is the younger brother to the late magistrate.primrose-majie-funeral-6Aunty Mau, Majie’s younger sisterprimrose-majie-funeral-7Richard Lukusa-Muengula Jnr., Majie’s first sonMajie’s second child, Nnanyelugo Chuma Lawrence Obi (left) and her third child, Primrose Obata Dodo (right)primrose-majie-funeral-9Majie’s fifth and last child, Nalobi Andrew Obataprimrose-majie-funeral-10Primrose Obata Dodo with her 1st cousin, Chiazor Elizabeth Asika. Chiazor is the first daughter of the Akpe Olodi of Onitshaprimrose-majie-funeral-11Majie’s cousinprimrose-majie-funeral-12Primrose, her elder half sister, Ada (middle) and her sister inlaw, Isioma (right)primrose-majie-funeral-13Isioma Obata, Nalobi’s wife. This woman was on her toes all through the week cooking for us guests. May God bless you abundantly, Isi babes.primrose-majie-funeral-15Family members at the funeralprimrose-majie-funeral-16Primrose (right) with Aunty Mau (middle) and Aunty’s childhood friendprimrose-majie-funeral-17Chiazor, Aunty Mau’s friend, Aunty Mau, Primrose and Rhoda Eweka primrose-majie-funeral-18L-R: Peace Ben Williams, Primrose Obata Dodo & Rhoda Osa Eweka
primrose-majie-funeral-20L-R: Chavonne Williams, Peace Ben Williams, Rhoda Osa Eweka & Foluke


At the gravesideprimrose-majie-funeral-21primrose-majie-funeral-22primrose-majie-funeral-23primrose-majie-funeral-24primrose-majie-funeral-25primrose-majie-funeral-26

The celebration/Thanksgiving



primrose-majie-funeral-29Clockwise: ‘Majie’ Winifred Asika, her first child Richard, second child Chuma, Third child Primrose, fourth child Nneka Genevieve Obata & fifth child Nalobi.primrose-majie-funeral-30Rest in peace, Majie the beautiful.




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