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Oops!! Madonna Falls Off Stage Of Brit Awards [PHOTOS]

Offending fashion item: Madonna arrived shrouded by her elaborate black and red cape on stage with aides pulling it behind herMadonna was pulled off the stage backwards live on Wednesday night’s BRIT Awards 2015.

The 56-year-old queen of pop was to perform the final, much-anticipated performance of the night with her song, I’m Going To Carry On.

Madonna..who was wearing an Armani cape, failed to untie her it in time for her dancer’s to rip it away. The singer looked shocked after she fell backwards down a set of stairs but picked herself back up and continued to the end. 

Ironic lines including ‘Pick me up’ and ‘I’m gonna carry on’ featured in the singer’s performance as she battled to the end in her elaborate matador costume.

Karlie Kloss was seen turning to best friend Taylor Swift with a mortified look as audience members watched the stage veteran complete her performance.MADONNA-BRIT AWARDS-XTurn for the worse: Madonna was pulled off the stage as she performed at the BRIT Awards in London on Wednesday night

Floored: She scrunched her face in anticipation on the rough landing, when she realised that she was not going keep her balanceShe fell over: Madonna still had a look of composure when she knew she was heading for the bottom of the stepsUnlucky star: She starts off with composure and then gets pulled off from behind when he cape fails to unravelRaunchy: The controversial singer put her racy dance moves into action, something that may have had tongues wagging if nothing had happenedBack on the ground: The 56-year-old star was soon seen writhing around on the floor - but this time it was as she'd intendedDefiant: The warrior princess, clad in an extravagant matador-inspired outfit, held her horns triumphantly above her head


Source: DailyMail UK



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