My Housemaid Is Richer Than Me

By: admin December 10, 2017

In the wake of the slave trade crisis in Libya, I’d like to share my story about my domestic staff and the lessons I’ve learnt to respect every hard worker
Let’s Talk About Evil Spirits Killing African Migrants In The Sahara Desert [WATCH VIDEO]

By: Peace December 9, 2017

For the past one month, Nigerian migrants have been returning from Libya with gory tales of woe. I’ve watched several videos of African migrants in makeshift rafts drowning at sea,
What This Fulani Man Posted On Facebook Should Get Him Arrested, But His Tribe Is ‘Above The Law’

By: Peace December 8, 2017

For years, men marauding as Fulani herdsmen have attacked harmless farming communities in the middle belt, and southern parts of Nigeria, killing innocent men women and children. They burn down entire
My Early Days With Cleo Tao, Nigeria’s ‘Goddess Of The Air’

By: admin December 5, 2017

I met Cleopatra Tawo through a mutual friend in 1995 at the University of Calabar. She was a sophomore law student and I had just gained direct entry admission to
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