Peace Ben Williams Blog Welcomes You To February With Confidence


PEACE BEN WILLIAMS BLOGOn the first day of every new month, I always have a spiritual word of encouragement for my readers.

And so this month, as I was wondering what to talk on, I got a call from my daughter. She sounded slightly panicked and out of breath. Usually, Nadine is very calm and hardly before something shakes her.

“Mummy, something just happened to me,” she said.

“Calm down darling, and talk to me.”

After a few seconds, she was able to tell me about her encounter early this morning. She was walking to her school when three young men in a car driving at top speed suddenly stopped in front of her. They asked if she had a pen and she said, yes. Then they brought out a card and told her to write on it. She looked at the card. It was a funeral invitation card. She told them she was not going to write on it. They stared at her for a few seconds, laughed out loud and sped off the way they came.

A lady who witnessed the incident quickly walked up to her to asked what the men wanted from her. The woman was thankful my daughter was in control of her senses.

To my Western/Caucasian readers, it might not mean a thing, but for those of us living in this part of Africa, we know what that incident means. My daughter is a student of the University of Benin in Benin City, the home of Internet scammers popularly known as “Yahoo Boys”. To make their fraud business go smoothing, most of them have resorted to black magic and are now known as “Yahoo Plus Boys.” They approach unsuspecting young girls and through conversation, hypnotize them and these girls become victims of ritual killings. One of the things that lure the girls is greed..greed to date a rich handsome guy.

I want to believe they saw the mark of Christ on my daughter’s forehead; because all they could do was laugh at their stupidity and run.

I asked my daughter if she could recite Psalm 23 off hand and she replied with a laugh, “yes Mummy I can, who doesn’t?”

Not everyone can. I told her to recite the Psalm with faith and walk with confidence to school.

It is the first of the month. I have spoken into the atmosphere. We are protected roundabout by the Almighty Yahweh in the month of February.



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