Peter Okoye Of Psquare Launches First Solo Music, “Cool It Down”…Can He Sing? Nigerians Have Mixed Feelings


PETER OKOYE-640x640It’s no longer news that twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye who formed the music group, Psquare have since gone their separate ways.

The gist we heard is that Peter can’t sing, the sweet voice belonged to Paul and all Peter did was to lip sync and contribute his killer dance moves to the success of the group.

Peter, who now goes by the stage name, Mr. P,  has gone ahead to release his first solo single titled, ‘Cool it Down’ and I rushed to YouTube to watch. My verdict?

Watch the video…


Not bad. Not bad at all. Last time I checked, this video is actually Number 1 trending on YouTube Vevo, #1 Trending.

The truth is the most successful people in the music business are the entertainers, not the singers with the strongest vocals.

If success in the music industry were to be measured in your voice range, then Waje would have beat Tiwa Savage hands down. Praiz and Darey would beat Wizkid and Davido; and Jennifer Hudson would have dethroned Beyonce and Rihanna.

A music artiste needs a certain je ne sais quoi ingredient to please your target audience. Once they’re lucky enough to win the crowd, end of story…they blow! If you ask me, Peter Okoye has a high dose of that je ne sais quoi I’m talking about.PETER OKOYE-COOL IT DOWN-CV Peter has 3.1 million followers on Instagram, Paul has just half of that at 1.7 million. On Twitter Peter has 1.52 million followers and Paul 726k followers, so go figure. Peter is very extroverted, he’s a crowd puller and has a stronger connection with his fans…same with Michael Jackson, Peter’s biggest mentor.

Michael Jackson didn’t earn the moniker, ‘King of Pop’ by having the sweetest male voice. If I were going for sweetness, I’d have picked better singers in his era; Luther Vandross, James Ingram, Teddy Pendergrass and even Michael Bolton. But Jackson lit the stage and our hearts each time he mounted it. He was the greatest entertainer of all times.

One thing I’m happy about is Peter has proven haters wrong by showing he CAN SING ALONE. His voice didn’t break the glass in my house and I didn’t have to block my ears with plugs. I give him a 7 out of 10. He’ll definitely improve to become the superstar that he truly is.PETER OKOYE-640x960

A few comments I drew from his YouTube Vevo comment thread also mirror my sentiments as well, although there were mixed reactions among his fans…

“I’ve always been a fan of P-square, Peter and Paul from day one. I think Peter is super talented and creative. He’s got the swag to turn garbage into a hit! Paul may write most of the songs but Peter, taking only the hook, made the difference! I personally prefer the songs that I think Peter wrote. I believe every song where you see Peter taking the lead, i.e the first verse, were composed by him. Songs like “Your name, Roll it, Break it, Player, Ejeajo, E don happen, Danger, Shake it down low, Shekini, etc, were done by Peter alone. Other songs, probably done by Paul alone or both of them, became hits thanks to Peter. I mean “Get squared, Alingo, Personally, More than a friend, and so on. To cut it short, I think both of them are very talented but they have got different styles. P-Square can’t keep doing Paul’s sound that Peter cannot identify with, I mean songs like “Bank alert, Nobody ugly, MMS, Ogadigide, Ifeoma, Asampkokoto, Ole buruku, Bunieya enu, etc. If you’re a P-square fan then support both of them. It’s not nice to belittle Peter with unkind words saying he needs Paul to make it. Don’t stay narrow-minded, try to copy Peter’s open-mindedness! – Qweenish Lil Qweenzley

“Who say he can’t sing i swear u people don’t know anything and i dont think u will ever know … maybe the juju in yr vilage has block you ear. . as for me this the best music i have ever listen to this 2017 fuck haters. – YOUNGJ music videos worldwide

“I actually came here to hate.. But I guess I gotta take it somewhere else.. Great job Mr. P. – Roland Ayo-Ojo

“Grace, if this is your analysis of PSquare then you don’t know Psquare. Besides that, what art is 100 percent original? None! Michael copied and modified James Brown dance steps. Usher copied and modified Michael Jackson’s steps. So if you call Peter fake for doing same, then you need more research. This is vintage Psquare. What Paul do these days is high life and reggea because he said he’s always loved reggea. But calling Peter fake I think calls you out as either not knowing about art or not knowing the group as well as you claim. The song, has meaning, it’s done in English. I think he went away from meaningless phrases in some Psquare song like Haba- Habatically, whether na asu you go relate o… if you know all their songs you should know these lines and more. I’ll rate this song 7/10. But it is in no way a write off. – Kommander Ezu

“See guys i trust Paul in terms of music he can do more better… Paul is the type of a guy DAT doesn’t talk much but always keeping calm.. Paul is coming with something big.. No be by who first released album… Paul is my super star… – collins royale

“I’m sorry to say this Peter nd Paul spirit work together, this is no for me. – shalewa roffy

“There’s lesson for us to learn from this dude,sometimes in life you gotta to take your destiny into ur own hands and do what you gotta do.Yes it would’ve been brilliant to have his twin brother in this but there’s general believe that he can’t do without him and here he is now.Working hard and I really don’t give a hoot about whatever differences they have right now(I pray they settle that one day)But I respect his hustle for trying to make a name for himself and doing it alone though not perfect but well done Mr P and I wish all the best as you move forward.If you ever have a show in London I will be there to support you same way I will support you twin brother. – Olasunkanmi Lakerz

“All of you hailing Peter will soon apply Usain Bolt style by the time the king of music Paul release his banger as usual. Sit back, get a bucket of popcorn and start chewing. Watch OUT 😂 – Ayodotun Atiroko

I don’t like commenting on family feuds because blood is always thicker and more important than outsider views or remarks. The sensible thing to do is wish both brothers well in their solo endeavours if that’s the next move they both want to make at this point in time. But I’d encourage Paul to stop shading his brother on social media and wish him well too. I have no doubt that Paul too will bring in his A-game to the music industry.

However, I’m rooting for Peter because the media has long since made him look like the Psquare underdog. The media has always insinuated that Peter is not talented, cannot sing and should be grateful that Paul lets him tag along. Public comments always make Peter take the heat and blame for every Psquare quarrel or attempted breakup. So I’m daring to differ. I pray their going solo will finally put an end to the shameful family beef.


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