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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Hungry Mermaid Runs Out Of Benin River [SEE PHOTO]

I’ve laughed so much this evening that my children must think I’m mad! hahahahaahaha!!!!!

There’s never a dull moment on my Facebook wall, probably because I grew up in Warri so half my friends are Waffarians with a fantastic sense of humour!

This photo of a wretched-looking mermaid was shared on my timeline. The photo was originally posted by Ena Ofugara with this caption:

“This one na Ikpoba River Mammy Water. Ajekpako mammy water. Ghetto Mammy water. Them done use hunger finish her. 
Abeg make my bini people try dey drop better izobo inside river before alarm kill all the mermaids finish.”

Just as I was recovering from a crazy fit of laughter, I scroll down to read the comments and I totally lost it. Please laugh with me…

mammy water-fbNollywood actor, Fred Amata‘s comment almost tore my belly with laughter when he said:

Dis one na Mammy Portorportor…e never reach mammy water.”

Na really true my brother…hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

I actually passed by Ikpoba river last Christmas and the river worshippers were there on a Sunday, sacrificing to their river goddess. To read that story, click HERE.

Maybe the izobo wasn’t enough…Lol!


Feature Image Credit: paxgaea.com

Mermaid Photo Credit: Ena Ofugara on Facebook



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