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PHOTO STORY: The Fishermen & The Sexy Woman

FISHERMEN-1This photo story is told by a group of Haitian artists called Chevelin.

These artists usually tell stories about mysterious sexy women whose identities later reveal as dangerous or supernatural beings. FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-11. One day, four African Fishermen went on a boat, fishing. They spent hours out at sea without any luck. There wasn’t a single fish in sight and some of them had begun to get discouraged.FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-22. Suddenly they noticed a sexy looking woman lying on a piece of floating wood. Her clothes were torn and she seemed to be the only survivor of a shipwreck. FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-33. The men quickly paddled up to the woman and lifted her into their boat, glad to discover that she was still alive. The fisherman in the hat is fully distracted by her full, supple breasts.FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-44. The men were immediately glued to the strange woman’s beauty as their eyes roamed all over her near naked body lustfully.FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-55. They took the woman to their seaside hut. Each man cooked a delicacy to entice her taste buds hoping their food would lure her to sleep with one of them. She seemed delighted as she tasted from each man’s plate.FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-66. Then she stood up and made the clothes given to her into a sexy two piece outfit.FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-77. She climbed up a coconut tree as the men stood at the bottom of the tree blessed with a full view of the voluptuousness going on underneath her skimpy skirt. The men are left salivating below, not at the coconut; but at the woman on the coconut tree.FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-88. The woman uses the milk from the coconuts she plucked to cook them a meal. Two fisherman have set their boat back at sea to try catching some fish. One of them is seen lounging on a hammock. But the fisherman in the hat is more than happy to do the dishes for their new guest. This will give him the chance to stare some more at her sexy body and perhaps win her heart. FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-99. Late at night, while the men were all drunk and deeply asleep, the woman wakes up and begins to take off her clothes. But something strange is happening to her. She is growing silver scales on her body and her fingers are growing long and webbed with claws.FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-1010. She strips naked as fins begin to grow on her body. Then she moves into the water under the light of the full moon and makes a command.FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-1111. Suddenly a large object moves towards her with speed and she drags it back to shore.FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-1212. The men awake at sunrise but their lady love is nowhere to be found. Instead they see a large wooden chest lying on the ground in front of them. They stare at the chest curiously, wondering how it got there and what might be in it.FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-1313. They open the chest and find it filled with treasure! The men are amazed and their eyes glow with delight as they see the gold coins and trinkets. Suddenly, the strange woman bobs her head out of the water and waves at the men. The fisherman with the hat who drooled over her the most sees her and tells his friends to look. FISHERMEN-CHEVELLIN-1414. The happy fishermen wave back at the sea creature who they had mistaken for a sexy woman whose life was in danger. This creature whether real or supernatural had turned their fortunes around in just one day. They were now very rich men.

What’s the moral of this story?

  • Be kind to strangers.
  • Be careful not to be carried away by beauty. Everything is not as it seems.

I can’t help but wonder if the fishermen would have been as quick to rescue a man. I also wonder what would have become of them if they had encountered a wicked sea creature. She’d have killed them in their deep drunken sleep rather than reward them with a chest full of gold.

Bottom line is, life is full of risks, surprises, opportunities and danger. One may never know which situation they’ll meet.


Photo Art Illustration Credit: ©Kendy Joseph/Chevelin Illustration on Facebook (2014)

Feature Image Credit: National Geographic | Mihee Kim-Kort

Story told by: Peace Ben Williams



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