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PHOTO: Throwback Photo of Aguiyi Ironsi & Emeka Ojukwu As Young Soldiers

IRONSI-OJUKWU-THROWBACKSome of the officers in this throwback photo played major determinant roles in the history of Nigeria which has made it’s condition turn out for the better or worse.

When this photo was shared in a popular Nigerian forum, the reactions amazed me. A Niger Delta commenter called his fellow country man David Ejoor “a coward paddled a bicycle through many cities and towns to run away from the ongoing Nigerian Civil War.”

He wrote:

“As a Niger Deltan, let me talk about the person in the picture that concerns me – David Ejoor.

Just like Goodluck Jonathan, David Ejoor had the opportunity to raise the profile of the old Mid West (Niger Delta Now) to he highest level in Nigeria, but what did he do? At the sound of gunshot, he paddled a bicycle through many cities and towns to run away, leaving his soldiers behind.

In my definition that is Cowardice.

And that is why, even if he were alive, he cannot be as celebrated as Benjamin Adekunle (Black Scorpion), Isaac Adaka Boro, Olusegun Obasanjo and all other war heros.”

Another wrote:

“If man could see future, these men should have being dismissed from the army before the calamity, division and unpatriotism they caused this nation.”

And yet another wrote:

“I wish Naija could just go back and start all over from when this pix was taken.”

What do you think?




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