POEM: Nigeria’s Pride

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MODEL FLYING NIGERIAN FLAGWe come from a land where the hills overlook vast grassland;

The rain forest with the palm trees and strong timber

A place where maidens play in the river and fetch water home to their families;

Of rich soil and red earth, of valiant men gifted in craft and bravery

A people with tradition that spans through centuries

A people that survive on land and water

We move from place to place, but always remember who we are;

We celebrate love and cherish the gift of life

We communicate with our drums

And dance because we are happy

Happy that we have preserved our culture and ethnicity even in modern times

We love sports

We love science

We love music

We are masters of art

We are great achievers!


A poem written and composed by Peace Ben Williams

Peace Ben Williams

All rights reserved, October 2012.


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4 thoughts on “POEM: Nigeria’s Pride”

  1. Esta says:

    Lovely poem. God bless Nigeria!!!

  2. Sunday UDO says:

    Congratulations! A very lovely poem that displays the positive part of Nigeria/Nigerians but right now the negative part of Nigeria totally overwhelms the positive, are we expecting another poem to balance the equation? We’re waiting. Happy Independence Anniversary Celebrations

  3. Catrina says:

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