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Pregnant Kim Kardashian Compared To A Whale On Instagram!! | Rihanna Likes It


Like seriously, people? This photo of Kim compared to an Orca…a killer black-and-white whale was posted on Instagram and attracted 176 Likes including a ‘Like’ from Rihanna. *covers face*

Peeps should cut Kim K some slack…she shouldn’t be put under pressure to look a certain way in her pregnant state. Let her enjoy her pregnancy period. Weight gain during pregnancy is certainly not a crime. 

Meanwhile, Kim K is seriously making bank…while haters are busy hating…hehehe! Since the announcement of her pregnancy on December 30, 2012, Kim has banked $900,000. Here’s the breakdown:

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  • December 31, 2012…Kim hosted a New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas. Amount banked: $153,000.
  • January, 2013…Kim makes an appearance at Life Star Nightclub in Ivory Coast. Amount banked: $200,000.
  • February 13, 2013…Kim shows up at the Topshop opening in West Hollywood. Amount banked: $50,000.
  • February 17, 2013…Kim “co-hosts” the Love Like a Movie party in Nigeria for 45 minutes and made a 45-second statement on the microphone. Amount banked: $500,000

Add it all up and Kim’s made over $900,000 since confirming her pregnancy!

Hmmm…that is something eh?

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  1. The love like a movie party, has it been confirmed Kim K got $500,000. I tot that was rumour??.

  2. the whale looks better than her

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