Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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President Goodluck Jonathan Wears 'Pampers'


This photo of Mr. President wearing a diaper in the colours of the Nigerian flag may be funny in a way, yes.

After having a good laugh, let’s please give Mr. President a break, today.

It’s our Independence Anniversary and President Goodluck Jonathan has been lamenting that he’s the most criticized president in the world.

Does this prove him right?



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  1. Whoever is the author of this picture of the president in Diaper has taken his unpatroitism to far. The president alone cannot and should not take responsibility for all problems the country is facing. Every Nigerian has a role to play. Rather than make a caricature of his country and her president and post it for millions of internet users to see, he should have geared his ‘talent’ and energy towards projecting the country in positive light at least it would be his own quota. He needs the diapers much more than Nigeria does. Smh.

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