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Pretty Schoolgirl Drugged, Raped And Impaled To Death With Wooden Pike [Photo]

A girl died in a most gruesome manner after she was attacked by some demented men who raped and impaled her with a wooden pike.

Dailystar reports that Lucia Perez, 16 was walking home from school when sick druggies snatched her before plying her with cocaine and cannabis, a court heard.

The girl from Mar del Plata, Argentina, suffered severe internal injuries after she was brutally raped, prosecutors revealed.

Having re-clothed and and washed the teen in a sick attempt to hide their crimes, her callous abductors then dumped her outside a drugs rehab clinic.

Staff at the clinic thought initially thought she had overdosed on cocaine, but learned the harrowing truth on closer inspection.

Prosecutor Maria Isabel Sanchez said:

“The girl was impaled and this was the cause of her death.

“She had been subjected to brutal, inhumane sexual abuse. She died because of the injuries she suffered from being impaled.”

The evil identified as Matias Gabriel Farias, 23, and Juan Pablo Offidani, 41 have been arrested  by the police.

Officers, who are seeking a third suspect, found drugs, used condoms, sex toys and gun ammunition in the van. The heartbroken father of the girl, Guillermo Perez wants justice as he is demanding the attackers be locked up for life.

He said:

“We want life imprisonment, not just 10 or 15 years in prison and then they are able to walk free to do the same.

“My daughter was drugged, raped and impaled. Who can do something like this?”



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