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Prezzo Denies Calling Goldie’s Music ‘Whack’

Former BBA Stargame Upville housemate, Prezzo was on radio this morning to talk about his music and relocation to Lagos.

The Kenyan rapper confirmed his relocation to Lagos as well as pursuing his music career. He premiered the new track titled ‘lick her’ on Rhythm FM, Lagos with Ik (Big brother host) and Omalicha.

When asked why he called Goldie’s music ‘whack’ while in the Big brother house, he denied saying that. Instead, he said he meant ‘works’, not ‘whack’. He added that he loves listening to Goldie’s music.

Prezzo, why you dey lie?

Anyway, the new single titled ‘lick her’ would be officially released on Friday, 23rd of November 2012.



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  1. He lied & its ok. Not that its ok to lie but denying it shows that maybe he has learnt to appreciate Goldie (bullocks) or his degree of eye service or lip service & trickery have moved up a notch. I’ll bank on the later rather than the former.
    But will you blame him, if prezzo no lie, Goldie & Kenny’s Music may run him out of town.

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