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Qin Kai Proposes To He Zi After She Wins Silver Medal At Rio 2016

He Zi and Qin Kai.For many, what makes the Olympics special is its spirit. After all, the father of the modern games Pierre de Coubetin famously stated that it’s not the ‘winning, but the taking part’ that counts.

It’s what helps make the games so unique and special. Eric Moussambani competing in the pool for Equatorial Guinea at Sydney 2000 despite having learnt to swim just eight months previously is a fine example.

One such moment has arisen at Rio 2016 with an unexpected marriage proposal during a medal ceremony in the diving programme, GiveMeSport reports. Wedding confirmations and Olympic glory simultaneously can’t be bad.

China are often very successful when it comes to the summer games and one of their most fruitful disciplines proves the diving.

25-year-old He Zi is a prime example of such Chinese diving talent. She entered the Rio games with a prominent reputation too given that she had bagged Springboard Syncho gold in London.

While there were no victories this time, the Nanning-born star still secured silver in the 3m springboard nonetheless.

The sting of missing out on gold was somewhat addressed though during the medal ceremony. He Zi was approached by teammate and boyfriend Qin Kai while stood on the podium.

Her partner then proceeded to drop to one knee and pop the question.

Producing a ring and rose as well as offloading a hearty speech, Kai received a ‘yes’ and the rest is history.

The scenery may not have been ideal with the now infamous green coloured pool present, but a beautiful moment nonetheless.

If a diving medal isn’t good enough to scoop some publicity, why not a marriage proposal? Most importantly though, Kai was successful otherwise we would have had one of the Olympics’ most awkward moments on our hands.



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