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The Story

Maye had been seeing Kevin for a little over a year. In that period she had seen him less than five times. This was because Kevin only came into town when he needed to drop off his sister at the beginning of the semester, pick her up at the end of the semester for the holidays or to drop off any special provision she might need in between those two intervals.

During these times, he’d take Maye dining at the finest restaurants, and then they’d go dancing at the local night clubs. They always ended the night by spending it at a hotel. As soon as he left town, their long distance relationship would be sustained through phone calls, texting and chatting. With time, the love smitten girl grew wary of having to see her boyfriend only at specific times of the year. It wasn’t her habit to stick to one guy at a time. It was she who invented the eja nla concept where she encouraged the newbies whom she had initiated into her social school of thought to keep fishing for the biggest catch. Like she used to tell them, ‘the biggest catch is still in the river’. This meant that the hunt for aristos should never stop just because a lady had hooked up with someone desirable. Maye was growing to become extremely fond of Kevin.

Thoughts of him always serenaded her everywhere he went. It was the way he only had eyes for her when they were together. It was the way he held her hand while looking deeply into her eyes. It was the way he treated her like royalty. It all felt like a fairytale and she was more than glad to play the princess.

The only piece of him that was left in his absence was his sister, so Maye felt the need to draw close to his sister on campus. She didn’t notice that Kemi felt uncomfortable in her company and only gave polite responses to her questions. Actually, she did notice, but she thought it was a sign of naïve respect since Maye was not only older than her but was her older brother’s girlfriend. She felt the younger girl would ease into her as time went on, of course she had to. Kemi was her trump card, her gateway to enable her easy access into their family accepting her as Kevin’s wife. She began to wonder about the right time to ask her man to invite her over to Wapele to see his home and the rest of his family. Sometimes, she’d see a beautiful home at the background of the photographs he uploaded on his messenger profile or on social media. When she asked him where that was, he’d say it was his living room or his garden or his car park.

What Maye saw was a very impressive edifice with an exquisitely furnished interior. Kevin had taste and it reflected in the how he lived, the cars he drove and the way he dressed. Could this man be that man who would make an absolute foolery of her eja nla theory? Was there truly a time when a certified runs girl like herself would have attained the level where all indications will point to the fact that she, Maye had finally cast her rod into the deepest parts of the water and her hook had caught the master of the eja nlas, the fish that teaches all other fish how to be a fish? Then if she had caught such a fish indeed, why wait for it to come to her. Who was the fisherman or woman as it were? It was her who made the move to the water, it was her who cast the rod and it was her who caught the fish. Why then was she leaving the fish to dangle in the water? She must pull in her line to draw up the fish. Until this fish was safely in her basket, her catch could never be authenticated and she’ll never earn the right to call him her own.

Wapele was a five-hour drive from campus. She must find a way of getting there to see him. Some men were very slow to act because they were afraid of change. Maye thought Kevin was that kind of man and she was just the right woman to bring him out of his shell. Getting Kevin’s address wasn’t going to be easy. She had asked him several times but he always broached the subject as tactfully as he possibly could. Kemi wasn’t helpful either; she was taking forever to get out of her Jambite muguness. What was there in just giving one a simple house address? Each time she asked the younger girl for it, she’d say: “I really think you should ask my brother.”

She smiled to herself as she thought of the perfect plan to get that much elusive residential address. She wasn’t a certified top of the mill runs girl for nothing. Only the smartest of the smart in her league could uphold that title. She was going to get Kevin Omoki’s address by hook or by crook and she was going to Wapele to see him. Maye waited patiently for Kevin’s next visit. A few weeks before he was due to see her on campus, she had done what she called ‘market hyping’ to prepare his mood for when next he’d see her.

Market hyping basically entailed a lady doing those things that will heighten a man’s sexual interest in her. First, she mixed an equal part of shimmering lotion and baby oil and slathered it generously all over her body. Then she got into extremely sexy lingerie; a mauve chantily lace pushup bra with delicate bow trimmings and matching G-string panties. She donned a voluminous sexy ombre wig with rich amber tips and then finished her look with a rich red lipstick that gave her lips a luscious come hither look. The mission to look like an irresistibly sexy bombshell was accomplished. Then she took several selfies that would make the most sort-after actress in the porn industry bile green with envy.

Her cellphone camera flash seemed to have perfectly understood her predicament and assisted her in her desperation to make her final impression on her man. The flash bounced off so beautifully on her well oiled flesh, depicting her as a decadent delicacy only the most celibate of men could possibly resist. One look at those selfies could fire the loins of any virile man and make a eunuch weep at the failed conquest of falling in her throes of passion. She was a blazing cistern whose inferno was capable of matching the heat of a man’s groin, taking him to a crescendo of volcanic eruption and landing him safely on an oasis of contentment and pure bliss. She knew exactly what she was doing when she hit the send button on her phone as she shared with her boyfriend the photographs that will make him fall for her in total surrender.

Fortunately for Kevin, the pictures hit his cellphone at lunch hour. He had just finished his meal and was sitting back to let his body take in the pleasure of its nourishment when he heard his phone beep. He opened it and the image of a delicious looking siren popped up on his screen, blowing a kiss at him. His eyes travelled down her lips to her protruding cleavage that was threatening to spill out of its enclave. He felt himself tighten below as his underwear began to throb gently, yet his eyes wanted more. They roamed further down to curves of her waistline down to the mound which was named after the sweet goddess Venus. He shut his eyes tight in a bid to temporarily wipe out her pictorial seduction from his memory. He just needed enough time to leave the staff canteen before people noticed the catastrophe which was threatening to erupt between his legs. He reached for the glass of iced water on the table in front of him and gulped it down with such force like it was the remedy for returning his nether member back to its flaccid state. He got up and hurriedly left the place before anyone noticed the bulge that was desperately seeking to unleash in full public glare.

He got to his car just in time and wiped off a sweat that was dripping down the side of his face with the back of his hand. He opened his photo gallery again and began to study each photo Maye sent very carefully. This girl will not be the death of him, he sighed. She always gave him something to look forward to each time he dropped off Kemi on campus. He hoped Maye was ready for him this time.

The snake was sleeping peacefully in its cave when the hunter decided to intrude by prodding him rudely with the sharp end of a stick. When it awakens from its slumber, one cannot but tell how fast it will strike back. He started up the engine of his car, gave it a little rev and drove away, mingling into the afternoon traffic.EBOLA STORY-KEVIN-CELLPHONEDid you miss, previous episodes of  these series? Click on the links below to read…

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Story Written By:  Peace Ben Williams

No part of this story should be copied or published without the permission of the author.

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