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http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-adorable-african-american-couple-picnic-cute-having-park-women-black-dress-men-button-up-shirt-red-blanket-image33931333Ime and I were meeting today. We had both decided to close from work a few hours early so we could catch a late lunch together. True to the romantic type my boyfriend was, he told me not to bother, that he was going to take care of lunch. By ‘take care’, he meant he was going to prepare it himself and we were not going to have it at his house. He was packing the food and drinks in a picnic box and we were going to have it by Kontu Lake.

Ime loved being one with nature. He said it was his escape from the craziness of the fake world. His best times were those times he went on field work, capturing the whims and caprices of animals in the wild; their social life, their ability to hunt and survive in a terrain that was fast becoming alien to man. Whenever he felt tense from work behind the desk, he’d go to Kontu Park.

There, he’d take off his shoes, pull off his socks and let the skin under his feet feel the therapeutic essence of soft tingly grass and wet moist earth. He’d lean on a tree and breathe in the freshness of the air. He said this exercise of meditating in the midst of untainted nature was the best treatment for any form of stress.

In a way, I believe him. I also usually felt at peace around nature. There was just something calming and soothing about the whole experience. It was even all the more exhilarating whenever I had the chance to spend those moments with him. So it came as no surprise that excitement began to well up in me as I drove from my office to meet with him. I really was looking forward to our lunch date. I was now edging into Berger Crescent, a long stretching road which led up to the lake. I took in the waving tree branches as they serenaded both sides of the road providing the much needed shade from the sun. The weather wasn’t so bad today. It was sunny yet very breezy. I saw Ime’s car parked in the distance which meant he was already there. I drove up and parked beside his car.

“Welcome my lady!” Ime said as he walked up to open my car door. He planted a soft kiss on my lips and whispered in my ears, “Glad you could make it.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” I enthused. He led me to a clear field where he had laid a cherry-coloured blanket on the grass. He lowered me gently on to the blanket. The wind was playing with my hair, so he swept the hair off my face and behind my ears with such a tender flicker that it tickled.

He noticed how I cringed and he threw back his head in laughter. Ime’s laughter was always contagious. His laughter had a strong boyish tone, like he had never quite grown up; yet it was solid like that of a confident man. The part I loved most about his laughter was that it welled from a genuineness which I could put into words. All I can say is his eyes lit up whenever he laughed, and it evoked happiness and every feeling that was good. I loved his laugh and I soon joined him laughing and throwing back my head.

He opened the picnic basket and we began to spread out the food together. He served me a small piece of baguette with creamy mushroom soup as an exciting starter. Then we had rice with stir fried vegetables and grilled chicken. If there was one thing I loved about Ime, it was the fact that he loved to cook and was remarkably good at it. He knew how to combine meals and how to present it in such mouth-watering style. He didn’t fall into those category of guys whom you’d taste their meals and give a polite nod of approval so it won’t seem like you didn’t appreciate their effort. This guy was a master chef in the making.

“My Sous-chef” I teased, “you’ve really outdone yourself this time.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed the meal, my lady.” He replied raising his glass of wine to toast to the success of our outing. I raised my glass and clinked it with his. “To many more quality moments like these.” I said. “To many more moments of sheer perfection!” He replied.  EBOLA STORY-ANNIE PICNIC 2

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