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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is Life More Bearable For Women Than Men?

MEN VS WOMEN 1Men have always thought women have it so easy. Some men say all a woman has to do is flash a sexy smile and she’s sure to get a man’s attention. If she’s more daring, and flashes him an ample cleavage, then a man might just become pudding in her hands.

As a result of this notion, more men are increasingly seeing women as sex objects and respect for women is steadily decreasing. These men believe with money, they can get any woman they want at the snap of a finger. There is a flip side to this mentality though…other men so ‘envy’ how easy life is for the woman that they wished they were women themselves. Yet again, other men are filled with resentment and low self esteem because they are not financially buoyant enough to get the girl of their dreams.

For some married men, they see their wives as homemakers and children breeders. All the woman has to do is keep house and look as pretty as a doll, while they [the men] ‘slave’ and hustle for the paper.

In my research, I discovered women fall into 2 main ‘mentality’ groups. The first group made up of mostly younger girls; feel having a great body can really take them places. I sadly see this on Twitter everyday. Naked body parts are displayed on their AVI to attract more followers. They tweet about being up for sex if only you have enough cash to burn. I see them in the universities. They travel and party, skip lectures and hope that a round of sex with their lecturers would get them good grades. I attribute these actions to the fact that most of them are yet to understand the harsh realities of life.

Then we see the other set of women, who deal with PMS, careers, housewifing, single motherhood, life after a divorce and even raw self ambition. Most men are afraid of these kind of women and see them as a threat. Probably because, they [these women] can survive or live a comfortable life whether a man is in the picture or not.

The women folk who are on the other side of ‘Mentality Street’ also envy and dislike these women, because they can’t get why a woman has to work so hard when she can get anything she wants by flashing her ‘commodities.’

I’m not biased towards recognising the challenges men face in today’s world although I sincerely believe that a woman’s achievements and efforts are mostly underrated. Both sexes have their fair share of trouble and may not be able to walk a mile in each other’s shoes.

I leave you readers to decide. Who do you think has it better? The man, or the woman?MEN VS WOMEN 2



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Peace is a wife and mother who reports and analyses global trends from the perspective of a Deeva; in the hope of invoking a thought process that will lead to a positive change.

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  1. The article is very explanatory. It’s obvious some women may just flaunt their bodily endowments to get what they want from some men. Unfortunately, men find it harder to ‘sell’ their appeal to the opposite sex. Enough said!

  2. I don’t think so…I think life is harder on them to be honest. Women are more resistant and have better coping mechanisms.

  3. It is not contestible that women are highly favoured than men, but it is still a mystery why men are richer than women. In fact, any rich woman has her wealth tied to a man somewhere. But while life seems more bearable for women, they face more life threatening dangers and often pains than men, such as child bearing and monthly mensuration ordeals. Women have more concerns of things of life, child care and parentage while men could easily pass thru as a rolling stone. However, while men pretend not to care as a decoy to avoid quarrells with their women due to women natural territorial attitude, it bothers men more of what their children goes thru while under womens care. In the end my verdict is that life is more bearable for women, but it would be unseen if it’s not in a man’s world where the word WOMEN means love, fun, fruitfulness and joy.

  4. Such an antiquated bit of writing. If you cluster all men and women any answer you come up with will be essentially biased.

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