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Racist British Woman Attacks Alexander Amosu For Being Too Wealthy In Her Country

ALEXANDER AMOSU-600x400A Caucasian British woman had a melt down after watching a controversial documentary, ‘Lagos to London: Britain’s New Super Rich’ which aired barely a week ago on UK station Channel 4.

The documentary showcased UK-based super-rich Nigerians and their lifestyle including houses, cars, clothes, jewelry – every imaginable luxury item, and how they shop.

Nigerian luxury disigner, Alexander Amosu was also featured and for that, he became a target to be racially attacked by a British woman, Ruth Hunt, who found his show of wealth distasteful.


Hunt attacked Amosu on social media,

“Instead of bragging on tv about how rich you are, why don’t you bugger off to your own country and pay some bills instead of showing off how much money you have made.

No one likes a filthy black bastard, yet alone anyone who shows off about how rich he is.

F**k off back to n*gger land.”

RACIST RUTH-2Amosu replied her,

“I normally don’t respond to comments, but Ruth wanted my attention. Am amazed in 2016 people still have these views and use the N word.

She just mad cause she don’t have an Amosu Blackberry.

Never let other people words stop you from achieving your full potentials,

and never let [their] problems become yours!”

Best revenge is your paper.



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