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Ray J Said Kim Kardashian’s Vagina Smelled Terrible

RAY J-KIM K-1This is truly the sex tape story that won’t go away.

Hollywood Street King has dug up an old Ray J interview where the ex-lover of Kim Kardashian explains how he had to break the news to her about her vagina having a bad odour.

Kim’s sextape partner claimed it smelt so bad he had to tell his sister, Brandy about it.

Ray J said,

“I went to the doctor and I asked the doctor, ‘Is it me?’ And he was like, ‘Nah.’ And I’m like listen, ‘Check me first. OK, I’m good. What’s up with my girlfriend’s coochie? It’s ridiculous’.

When I told Kim K, that was it. The next day the p*ssy was fresh.”

SMDH!! Erm…I wonder how Kimmy feels about this?KIM K-CRYING-GIF*Sigh*…yea, I would too. EMOJI-SAD

Listen to the interview…

Hmmm…could that be why the Kardashian sisters decided to have a vagina-smelling contest much later?

The Kardashian Sisters Engage In A Vagina Sniffing Contest In London…As They Claim Drinking Pineapple Juice Makes The Vagina Smell Good



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