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Read Uti Nwachukwu’s Exciting New Year Message

Since the year started, some Nigerian celebrities have been sharing goodwill messages and though for the new year. Read Uti’s message…

And this is how I came out of 2013! Physically stronger! Mentally Wiser, emotionally stable and Spiritually More Mature!

Yes at 31 years Old I can finally say, I have become a man! God was too kind merciful and gracious to me! What a Fantastic year! Everything happens for a reason! Boy o boy do I literally know the meaning of that saying! Yep cut out all the drama and people that hold u back, leech you and cause you hurt and regret bearing in mind that the most wicked/devilish snakes/ people in this life, bear harmless/gentle appearances.

So Focus on God and HIS numerous blessings in your life! Wuhuu!!The divine promotion in 2013 was breathtaking! Thank you Lord for such awesome jaw dropping blessed year. I know for sure 2014 will be a year of amazing Divine overflow of blessings and favour that would be hard to express in words! Only in spirit! And that’s my prayer for all of you here that Love God, Love me, despise me and keep an open mind! In Jesus name. Amen!!

It has been concluded! Sit down and watch God work overflowing signs&wonders! Watch this space! Whoooooop!!!!! Ehen btw, b4 I forget. Shd I keep this size? Or go back to my lekpa?? Heheheheh



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