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Remember This Little Girl? She’s Pregnant Now!

PREGNANT LITTLE GIRLNot too long ago, a photo of a little black girl went viral on the internet. The girl, caught the world’s attention because she was dressed in an outfit that was quite inappropriate for her age. She paired a black top with frayed white denim daisy dukes (or bum shorts) that was way, way too short that it exposed her butt cheeks.

The little girl’s parents were heavily criticized for dressing their daughter so indecently, posing the question about what was appropriate or inappropriate as the case may be for a little girl to wear.

Lisa R. Partee wrote this great poser on her blog, The Supreme Effort of Being:

“The other day while at work, I found this picture on my Facebook news feed.  I was so hurt and saddened by the many layers of “wrongness” that brought this little girl to this moment of social media exposure.  

As I stared, I asked out loud, “Dear God, what does this baby’s future hold?”  A male coworker looked over my shoulder to see what I was looking at.  He then actually said, “Yeah, how horrible.  She’s much too fat to be dressed like that!”

What Lisa saw, was an innocent little girl who needed protection from public scrutiny. What her male co-worker saw was a sex object who wasn’t sexually appealing enough to wear that outfit.

These contrasting views from opposite adult sexes should act as a rude eye opener to mothers who give no thought as to what their blossoming young daughters wear in public. Perverts and paedophiles lurk around every corner, looking for a chance to defile your little girl. Dressing her up like that just makes her an easy target, not to mention the degrading moral values instilled in her as she grows up.

Yesterday, another viral photo of the same girl turned up again. This time, whoever posted it claimed the girl had now turned 11 and was pregnant, wow! I stared hard at the picture to see if there was any semblance between the little girl on top and the pregnant young lady at the bottom. Some people even argued that it wasn’t the same girl.

Whether it’s the same girl or not, the fact remains that the little girl in the bottom photo is way too young to fall pregnant. It takes a village to raise a child. It’s time we stopped minding our business and do all it takes to set the children in our community on the right path. Yes, sometimes some parents may remind you rudely that it’s their child and not yours. The discomfort from such a conflict is but a small price to pay to ensure another young life is not wasted. 



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