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Reno Omokri Shuts Down White Troll Called “Parrot” Who Claimed He Stole Halloween Candy For His Kids

RENO OMOKRI-400x400So Reno Omokri went live on Facebook few hours ago, to blast Nigerians who are following the white man’s culture blindly. He disapproved of Nigerians celebrating Halloween, giving their kids Western names and speaking in fake foreign accents…which I totally agree with all he said by the way.

Then some white guy, named Michael Parrott just barged into Reno’s comment section from nowhere and started attacking him, just for encouraging Africans to be Africans.

Parrott accused Omokri of lying, stealing Halloween candy to give to his children and other petty accusations you won’t believe was spewed from the mouth of an adult.

The troll wrote,

reno-parrott“LOL you are so fake man. I still remember you stealing candy from our 2nd floor programming team with your hoodie up so no one could see your face.

All because you had to give your kids a treat. Or the fact you claimed your father was sick and had to take leave when you were actually working for a political person. Or the fact you were writing speeches for someone while getting paid to do work for Friendfinder the Dating website.

Real good values there man! I have followed you still just because it make me laugh how someone who thinks they are so good is really such a scumbag hahaha all you fools who follow this guy need to wake up.”

michael-parrottMichael Parrott

It might interest you read how this ignorant troll was shut down. Read…reno-parrott-2It seems Parrott wanted fame on African blogs. Oh well, he got his wish…hehehe!

Watch Reno’s live video that caused all the katakata…



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