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Rihanna Poses Nude With Blonde Hair For Her New Perfume Ad

Her latest incarnation: Rihanna tweeted this new ad for her new fragrance 'Nude' on Friday

Debut: Rihanna wrote to her 26million followers about the fragrance on Friday

Rihanna tweeted this pic to her more than 26 million followers on Twitter, unveiling the ad for the very first time using the micro-blogging site.

She tweeted: “Here is my new add for a brand new fragrance #NUDE !!! Make sure you smell sexy, especially naked, this fall.”

The ad shows the 24-year-old mega star wearing nothing but cream lace lingerie, a piece of gauze fabric draped strategically over her crotch.

Will you love to try out her fragrance?




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  1. That’s not being nude except you have a pix you’re not posting. Personally,I don’t like her.

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