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S-H-O-C-K-I-N-G!!! No Nigerian Supported Ali Baba’s Rant About Amber Rose’s ‘Diss’

ALI BABA-AMBER-CVRemember Amber Rose posted a meme on her Instagram page yesterday with comedian Mr. Ibu’s image on it?

Fellow comedian, Ali Baba took to his Instagram page to rant calling Amber an ‘Opio’ and ‘Pololo’. Surprisingly, Nigerians were not in support of Ali Baba’s call out. They felt it was totally unnecessary.

Read what some Nigerians had to say to the veteran comedian…

“Tread with caution though…especially as a comedian, you guys yab the most and you don’t get internet bullied for it…On the other hand Mr Ibu is a very loved actor cum musician so her meme as its been called matters less but she will get the attention she wanted for doing that.”

“Alibaba try harder. She made a joke that you have made all your life. Taking on her is a waste of your time.”

“Why I’m commenting on this is dat… Bros please judge not @alibabagcfr. I dont think she @amberrose deserve such ill treatment… Beside She is someone’s mother..You wont want someone else to call your child’s mother a whore…. @alibabagcfr I love you..”

“This man’s frustration is very shameful. I wonder how the matter take concern you. And Amber didn’t even say anything bad alongside the picture. Am sure it was a Nigerian that made that meme that she just took and posted . You dey here dey form ‘am a protector of Nigerians’.  My dear if it was you in that meme, Mr IBU no go even say shishi , he go join hand sef dey share the picture. This is what happens when no one calls you for shows, you just frustrated and looking for jokes to turn into a serious matter. I suggest @instagram have an age restriction on users cause you are too old for this shit. #Udo”

“@alibabagcfr abeg relax! All jokes. Not that serious. No need for d gospel..”

And these were the very few who even bothered to comment on his post.

ALIBABA-OPRAHAli Baba posted this photo, insulting Amber and comparing her to Oprah

Alibaba seeing that he got harsh criticisms from Nigerians about his rant updated his post and wrote…

#PS: I expected some Dimwits to call my post to order. If A Nigerian guy had posted that nonsense she posted about Mr IBU, he would be fresh meat for weeks.

Ok let’s make it graphic, if he had compared a shapeless Nigerian actress to Angelina Jolie and said this is babe this is a babu.. He would have been called racist and several unprintable names. Now it’s a #Meme. Now it’s that we didn’t get the joke.

But when a comedian does a clear joke, it’s not a joke. All activists come out with knives and sharp mouths. I have said my own. She said hers. I said mine.

When it suits some they will support Crap. Then Crap on us when we return the FAVOUR.

Awon Omo Amber!!”



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