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Sad Story of a Lagos Wife Whose Marriage Ended After ‘Exchange Sex’ [MUST READ]

Swinging CouplesHave you ever heard of the term ‘Swinging’ before? It’s a new trend among some married couples. Let me explain.

Some married couple complain about being bored having sex with each other over time. They call it being “stuck in a rut.” The thought of having sex with only one partner for the rest of their lives scares the hell out of them. To find a way out, they decide to pair up with other married couples who are willing to swap partners for sex. Technically, they do not see this as cheating, since the four of them are aware of what they are about to do and have given full consent.

My husband was at work one day when his Facebook chat box popped up with the craziest question he had ever read in his life. Some random guy sent him a message which read:

“Would you like to f*ck my wife?”

At that time, my husband knew nothing about swinging…typical African man that he is. He checked out the guy’s ID and saw that he was a Caucasian living in America. He concluded the guy had gone nuts or was on cheap drugs and so ignored him. But the guy was persistent. Just to humour him, and perhaps confirm if he was sane, my husband asked him why he was making the ‘offer.’

“Because I’d like to f*uck your wife as well. Is she hot?” He asked.

“Yes” my flabbergasted husband managed to reply. Quickly, the man sent a pic of his wife to my husband and asked for mine to be sent to him.

“Dude, your wife is really hot,” he wrote “I’d love to do her. When can we meet?”

“Erm..that depends on my wife. I’d have to ask her and get back to you.” Hubby wrote back.

“Sure thing.” He replied. “Hope to hear from you soon.”

Up until hubby came home to give me the gist, he actually thought the guy was mad. I had to explain to him that some kinky couples are quite thrilled to swap partners. I explained by narrating a scene from the TV series, Orange County, where willing couples arranged to meet at a private cocktail party. At midnight, each man discreetly drops their wrist watch in a bowl. Each wife/woman picks a random watch from the bowl and gets to sleep with its owner.

“Damn…and I thought that guy was mad.” said my husband.

“Well first of all, you should have told him not to be deceived by your English names, that you’re African.” I told my husband. Second of all, you should have told him, we live in Africa and so there was no way we’d take a trip to America just to swap partners for sex…and even if sef…it’s not an African thing.”

“So how would I have learnt about this new trend if I had told him all that?” Hubby asked.

I was made to eat my words after I read these tweets from a lady in Lagos who goes by the name, Abami Eda & The Gang on Twitter. The swinging trend is now in Lagos, and as with every yeye thing we Africans copy from the white man, wahala comes out of it.

Read the story of this Lagos couple who tried their hands on swinging and let’s discuss if this trend is worth it…


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