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Sambo’s Helicopter Destroys 78-Year-Old Woman’s Home

Obi sitting on the floor and the house

The sand stirred up by the helicopter conveying Vice-President Namadi Sambo to Buanchor, Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State on Friday destroyed a mud-house belonging to a 78-year- old woman, Mrs. Bessie Obi, when it landed in the community.

Sambo was in the community to ascertain the extent of damage caused by recent landslide from surrounding mountains silting rivers, streams and causing flooding in the area, including the only secondary school in the community which was totally submerged.

As soon as the mud-house collapsed, Bessie ran out and started crying profusely. She was quickly attended to by officers of the State Emergency Management Agency.

The mud-house had three rooms, an old wooden furniture and other household items.

The Director-General of SEMA, Mr. Vincent Aquah, who assessed the damage, sympathised with Obi and the four other occupants of the house and assured them that the matter would be addressed.

Sambo, was oblivious of the damage caused to Bessie’s hut by his aircraft. I think he should by now, because I’m reporting it. 😀

In a way, it might be fortunate for Bessie, because she stands a chance of owning a brand new home. 😉




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  1. She will definitely own a new house. & am sure he knows by now & trully because you’re reporting it.
    We know the VP was going to Boki,but where did the incident occur??

  2. Hmmmmmm! Dat is de life of de forgoten ones in a country awashed with oil money looted by a few for de few greedy & godless leaders

  3. she is 78 but she sure thinks smart to me- that one na correct Strategic Planning o- i just dey imagine her new Bonk with evry evry in place. If i was stayin nxt door to her- me 4 don remove my zinc too and also pray that Sambo sef go dash me my own sha sha Bonk!! SHIKENA

  4. Its not a big deal if she owns a new house, afterall he can afford much more.

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