#SaveMayowa | The Heartless Story Of A Family Taking Advantage Of Their Sister’s Stage 4 Cancer


MAYOWA-2Mayowa Shukurat Ahmed, is a graduate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and a budding entrepreneur whose dreams are threatening to be cut short by Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.

Her plight gained heavy media attention few days ago, after some celebrities pulled their weight to campaign for funds to be donated  for her treatment.

As an HB SS patient incidentally diagnosed with bilateral Ovarian Mass Carcinoma, Mayowa reportedly needs 100,000 US Dollars for treatment at Emory International Hospital Atlanta USA.

Nigerians became aware of Mayowa’s plight after frustration pushed her to make a video appeal which she posted online for help. [Watch the video…]

Ahmed, Mayowa Shukura has been a known healthy HBSS patient from her early years and because we detected it early, we have been able to manage her condition very well with mild and in rare cases minor crisis. She has always been a lively person and was never known to be down for more than a day when she had crisis situation. She went through her education stages without medical issues and graduated from the University of Lagos but after graduation she seemed to have more frequent cases of hospital visits with Ulcer being the diagnosis most times and no more bone crisis. Hence, we began to manage Ulcer in LASUTH. In early 2015, the visit became more frequent and she did series of tests as required by the consultants; from blood tests to multiple endoscopies to CT Scans, Abdominal scans and a whole lot of others. By July 2015, the ulcer as it was diagnosed, became worse as it had progressed from pangs to vomiting and stooling blood so frequently. She was always on admission every other week and we spent so much on bills for the drugs and maintenance. We had to watch what she ate and drank. She started to lose weight as she would be unable to eat anything when the vomiting starts. Meanwhile any time the ulcer comes due to the stress, it always resulted to bone crisis, implying that we spend two weeks treating ulcer and the another week treating the crisis. And as the year ran out, we spent more time on hospital admissions and more frequently. At this point, our confident in LASUTH was not firm anymore because it just wasnt working and we were not getting enough care so we tried another place- Isolo General Hospital as we knew a Management Doctor there. It was fine for a few days but then we went back to status quo. By this time, we went to other private clinics too near our home as emergencies come especially in the night. She began to have more crisis along with the ulcer, her body began to change and due to the crisis, she began to take more pain relieving IVs, she reacted to so much and she got stuck on pentacosine. By December, we were really worried that this is beyond being an HBSS and all the hospitals kept discharging us after a few days, saying we shoul

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Soon after she posted the video, someone tagged Yoruba film actress Toyin Aimakhu and a few other Nigerian celebrities. But Toyin responded swiftly to visit Mayowa at Lagos University Teaching Hospital, (LUTH) where she was admitted.

Toyin made another emotional appeal video with Mayowa which went viral and increased awareness about the sick woman’s plight. Nigerians immediately swung into action and donated funds in the most positive response to distress recorded in our history of charity. [Watch video…]

Few days after this positive development, celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji broke the sad news on her blog, LIB, that she got reliable information that the funds being raised to save Mayowa was a scam. Mayowa’s family were also said to be behind the plot to scam kind-hearted Nigerians, since doctors had told them that Mayowa was beyond treatment having reached Stage 4 and no hospital in the world could treat her.  [Watch video…]

#savemayowa . 0038091966 access bank plc. Ahmed Mayowa Shukurat

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According to LIB, the doctors in LUTH denied giving her family a medical report advising her to seek treatment abroad. Rather, the doctors said they advised her family that she won’t survive it so they should take her home.

Her family instead reportedly used her situation to raise money from Nigerians.

MAYOWA-1Mayowa before her illness

LIB went on to report that Toyin Aimakhu, who was one of those who spearheaded the fundraising, was at LUTH with police officers, immediately after the scam was exposed yesterday.

Already the #SaveMayowa appeal fund has raised over $100k on GoFundMe and millions of Naira.

In the next part of my deevanalysis, I shall bring audio and video responses from Toyin Aimakhu and some members of Mayowa’s family.MAYOWA-CV



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