See What Nigerians Are Saying About President Buhari’s Ear


MEME-BUHARI EARI love the fact that we can laugh about bad situations. It shows the strength and resilience in us.

Nigerians have expressed mixed feelings about President Muhammadu Buhari travelling to the United Kingdom to see a Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) doctor to treat an ear infection.

This is mostly due to the fact that he promised to end medical tourism during his presidential campaign.

Now, his countrymen are holding him to ransom to live up to his word. I watched a video on Facebook last night where a Nigerian woman was praying that any Nigerian leader to visits Europe for medical treatment should die. I think that is taking things to the extreme. We as humans have no right to determine who deserves to live or die.

While it is our duty to pray for our leaders, we also expect them to pay serious attention to the poor medical infrastructure in Nigeria.

Poor people die every minute in Nigeria from diseases as common as malaria, typhoid fever and hypertension. Why not devote resources to improving our health care system and facilities?

I’m privileged to know the best ENT doctor in Nigeria. His name is Dr. John E. Okpogie Amadasun, founder of West End Hospital in Bendel Estate Warri, Delta State. I hear he’s retired these days, but he may have just come out of retirement to whip the clump out of Mr. President’s ear.

It is a disgrace that the president of the ‘Giant of Africa’ would dash into Europe for a mere ear infection.

I pray for Mr. President’s speedy recovery. May he heal fast and return home safely, amin.

Let’s hear what our very own common sense comedian, Ime Bishop Umoh aka Okon Lagos has to say about Mr. President’s ear.

Watch the video…

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