Shame On Anyone Gloating Over Former President Ibrahim Babangida’s Condition


IBB-FEETAll through yesterday, this photo of former Nigerian Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, was trending on my timeline.

In this recent photo of him, the former military dictator is seen sitting on a chair and smiling but something about his feet doesn’t look quite right. They are swollen and it is rumoured he can no longer wear shoes.

People mocked and gloated as they shared this photo. Some captioned it, “How are the mighty fallen,” others wrote an epistle on how karma finds wicked people and how he was paying for the sins he committed against Nigeria.

But none put on a more shameful show than Sahara Reporters, an online new media that was once a respected and credible source to rely on for news. The online newspaper shared the 76-year-old elder statesman’s photo and tweeted,

“NEMESIS: In 1993 after General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida annulled the 1993 “free and fair” June 12 elections some angry Muslims stole his shoes at a Mosque in Minna, now the “Evil Genius” can’t even wear shoes anymore. His legs won’t let him.”


I have never been more proud of Nigerians than I was today after reading the responses to this tweet in SR’s comment section. 99% of responses condemned the news site’s tweet. Read… IBB-SAHARA REPORTERS-TWEET-2Babangida is  suffering from Radiculopathy…a medical condition that affects nerve endings,which he revealed in an interview few years ago. I’m appalled that a country so religious would have its people gloat over the poor condition of an elder under the excuse of karma.

If anyone should be mad at IBB, it should be me. I explained that in the tribute I wrote on his 73rd birthday, 3 years ago. [To read it click HERE.]

It doesn’t matter what anyone felt he should have done and did not do. It is wrong to gloat over his misfortune.


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