Shellie Bo Talley Is Not 55 Years Old…Find Out Her True Age [Photos+Video]


BO 1I first read about Shellie Bo Talley on a friend’s blog. I was drawn by the story caption “55 Year Old Woman Who looks 20+” I was amazed but still tried to do a little research to be convinced.

It turns out this beautiful, hard-working lady has been trending for days on the social media and while many people praised her body, others chose to post hate comments about how she looked too old to dress like that or even pose on Twitter.SHELLIE BO TALLEY - TWTShe owns an events/entertainment company called Blag Pearl Entertainment and her husband coaches in the WNBA. Bo has never disclosed her age in public, as you can read from her tweet above, so how did people slam the age, 55 on her?

When I probed further, I discovered that Bo had a mug shot taken of her in May 2007 when she was arrested by the Georgian police because her driver’s license had expired. I have posted the mugshot below…as proof of her age…for y’all to see.

BOS-MUGFrom the mugshot, you can see that Bo was 32 years old in 2007. So in 2013, that would make her 38 years old. is just one irresponsible American website which loves to fabricate stories. I wouldn’t advise any credible blog to take their stories seriously. They started this 55 year old lies about a good woman who eats right, exercises regularly and encourages other women to do same.

Peace Ben Williams Blog celebrates you today Bo, as a strong, proud, black woman. God bless you and thank you for being such an inspiration.

View photos of Bo below, and with her four children…also videos of her giving tips to staying fit.

BO 2 BO 3

BO 4 BO 5

BO 6 BO 7

BO 8 BO 9

Bo and her four children

BO 10 BO 12

Bo giving an inspirational talk…

Bo giving women some workout tips…

Another workout tip…

To know more about Bo’s Charity, click HERE


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