“She’s Trying To Drive Traffic To Her Blog” – Nigerian Woman And Her Boyfriend Attack Me Over DNA Of Children


DNA EXPERT-Biodun-Salami-DNA-Center-9Since 2012, when Abiodun Salami, a Nigerian DNA expert (pictured above) said “3 out of 10 Nigerian men are not the biological fathers of their children,” Nigerians have been going over each others throats in a very vicious manner.

On Sunday June 3rd, 2012, a Dana passenger flight 992 from Abuja to Lagos crashed killing all 153 crew and passengers on board and at least 10 more on the ground, making it one of the worst air disasters in recent times. I followed every bit of that story. The bodies were burnt beyond recognition. When the time came to identify the charred bodies through forensic and DNA tests, the DNA of most of the children did not match with those of their parents. And thus this controversial debate was born.

There were so many things I wanted to say, so much pain I wanted to vent about the mismanagement of the airline and NCAA, but I had no platform to make my voice heard. I’ve written on my blog so many times that this singular incident inspired the birth of Peace Ben Williams Blog. That’s why the DNA debate is dear to my heart because it was borne out of the Dana Air disaster.

I still cannot comprehend why this statement continues to ruffle feathers even to this present day as can be experienced in a recent incident that took place in a popular Facebook group.

A member posted: “2 out of 10 Nigerian men are not the biological fathers of their children.”DNA DEBATE-1The poster was wise to drop that statement and disappear, because he came under the wrath of members who called him a bastard, some said his father must be among those statistics of Nigerian fathers, yet some were smart to ask how this statistic was arrived at and who made the claim. I then remembered I had reported this story some years back. So I fished it out from my archives and shared the link with them.

People commented under my link as was expected, with one person Sunny Marcus suddenly unleashing his anger at the claim. Then one girl, May Ebute…whom I later realised was his girlfriend,  jumped in and commented that I made the claim because I wanted to drive traffic to my blog. I didn’t notice the drama until Christmas morning when someone tagged me to their comments. This triggered the most drama-packed exchange that just proved that people come on to social media to argue unintelligibly, and then end up contradicting themselves. If you push the right buttons you just might reveal the true psyche masked by their pain. Usually, I don’t get myself involved in exchanges with fictitious social media identities, but when I showed it to my husband, we decided to poke them, just for the fun of it.

In Warri, we call such fun, ‘Wording.’ Most Warri people can relate and play it calm, but non-Warri people would lose their temper like these two did, with the supposed woman throwing taboo and derogatory words freely and the fictitious man who had the picture of a fish as his profile photo (which was so apt judging from the capacity of his brain) exposing himself as a man of no importance.

Check it out…MAY EBUTE-PBW-EXCHANGE-1 MAY EBUTE-PBW-EXCHANGE-2 MAY EBUTE-PBW-EXCHANGE-3My last comment was a cue to steer her away from the jabs, and give her an opportunity to state why she opposed the DNA expert’s claim.

But she had no intelligent response for me and continued cussing. And then her boyfriend, Sunny joined the party…MAY EBUTE-PBW-EXCHANGE-4 MAY EBUTE-PBW-EXCHANGE-5 MAY EBUTE-PBW-EXCHANGE-6MAY EBUTE-PBW-EXCHANGE-7MAY EBUTE-PBW-EXCHANGE-8MAY EBUTE-PBW-EXCHANGE-9MAY EBUTE-PBW-EXCHANGE-10

As you can see, there were several instances I could have ended the exchange, but so much unlike me, I kept on with her, until her true nature was revealed. Notice I was consistent with my jab. I concentrated my pokes based on the $50 post on her wall, and then her physical attributes based on her hilarious meme-like photo. But for lack of jabs to throw at me, she and her boyfriend concocted a story of drunkenness and an affair with an Alhaji Tanko and my ‘security man’.  They even went as far as saying I had a ‘loose vagina’, my husband had ‘erectile dysfuncton’ and my children are bastards…Lol!

What they both didn’t know is I’d suffered from ulcer for over 15 years. Drinking any type of alcohol can kill me. My system cannot even take Coca Cola comfortably, talk less of vodka. Whatever false information about me I threw at them, they swallowed hook line and sinker. DEEVA-LENSTROKES BIRTHDAY SHOOT-1 They also didn’t know that the photo they posted of me was taken in 2015, just after I had lost 20kg. I went on to lose even more and started a weight loss/nutrition business to encourage other women struggling with their weight.peace-afterThe truth is, while there are solutions for obesity through a strict diet, exercise and cosmetic surgery in extreme cases, there is no solution or remedy for ugliness…which in this case emanated internally from the heart and manifested physically on her face.

If you’re using your real identity on social media, it is always wise to be mindful of your comments. Many people have lost out on good job opportunities just by their indiscretions on social media. In this case, I suspect May is using her real name which a quick search on any search engine could pop out this post in the future and expose the length she could go in lying and framing somebody up, which is a criminal offence in itself.

MAY EBUTE-CVLeft: May Ebute’s curent profile photo; Right: Sunny Marcus’ current profile Photo

However, her boyfriend Sunny Marcus who flirts openly with her on social media has hidden his identity from the public. He may have succeeded in scoring cheap points to impress her and warm himself into her heart, but when the sh*t hits the fan, Sunny may be able to easily bail himself out, but May who claimed she is “Voltron” yet recruited him to fight in a two-against-one battle of words, could be easily nabbed.MAY EBUTE-SUNNY MARCUS-FLIRTMy specialty as a Pop Culture blogger, who analyses and reports trends, drama and gossip on social media and around the globe, has connected me to several people from different countries who beg me to take posts about their stories down because it was hindering them from moving forward. If they ask nicely, and I deem it necessary, I always take it down, because the aim is to correct and not to destroy.guillotina munterHowever, most times, they come swearing and cussing forgetting that such insults truly come with the territory. I’ve learnt to grow a thick skin to jabs and insults (thanks to my Warri upbringing) if I must focus on my goal. Although once in a while, I could decide to go petty like 50 Cent does and humour my attackers. So many public figures are thriving despite these insults: Wendy Williams, Linda Ikeji, Laura Ikeji, Bobrisky, Daddy Freeze, Stella Damasus and so many more, are all thriving. Even Kim Kardashian who was called a whale while she was pregnant, is still smiling to the bank by making money from that same body.KIM-WHALE

This drama went on yesterday on Christmas Day while organizing a little Christmas get-together in our home, with family and friends. No responsible adult would get drunk in the midst of children, but May and Sunny didn’t get the hint when they read “children” in my post. Most mature adults don’t feel comfortable calling anybody ugly, because we don’t have the power to create, but kids are innocent and say it as it is which they did when they saw May’s photo. Immediately I opened her photo on my laptop, one of the kids pointed and said, who is this Aunty? She’s ugly! The other kids gathered around and laughed.


My husband found the whole exchange extremely hilarious at first. He dismissed it as unserious when he saw the photo they posted of me. He said,

“Clearly anyone can see that after 5 children, you still look more beautiful than she who has none. Pay them no mind.”

“At the end of the day, they still couldn’t focus on the DNA debate and produce an intelligent argument as to why they oppose the claim, but resorted to framing you with lies like criminals.”

However after careful thought, he asked me to publish this analysis for people to learn how foolish it is to act this way on social media.DEEVA-LENSTROKES BIRTHDAY SHOOT-2My name is Peace Ben Williams and I endorse this experimental Deevanalysis.


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