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Should Morning Prayer Be Stopped In Nigerian Offices?

Nigerians are known to be very religious. Sadly most of them who pretend to be holy and pious are actually hypocrites and perform unthinkable deeds behind closed doors as can be seen in the comments in response to this tweet above.

Some Nigerians are of the opinion that morning devotion should be stopped in companies because it disrupts man hours, affects productivity as more time is spent praying that working…

” Yep… I once worked for an organisation where the chairman was based in London… he had this general manager (a pastor from his church) running the company in Nigeria. This manager forced us all to morning devotion… where he knelt down and cried and stuff.

3 months down the road, this manager used chairman’s contacts when we were sent to bid for a contract. Instead of putting in our company details, he slipped in his private company details and followed up till he got the contract… it was a big one…

The war that came after shook the company and their church… their general overseer had to settle it in house… But the deed was done…

Fear those over religious folk ” – Precious

” My office prayer session is a breeding ground for testimonies, I always look forward to Fridays for the 30mins of prayer, boss is highly disciplined and spirit filled. ” -Nneli

“I know a good one that prays and the members testify of how the company devotion affects their life positively…and they look forward to it.” -Ebuka

“One clown CEO I visited his office …immediately it’s 3pm, I heard a beep sound. The next thing was all the staff coming to the conference room for prayers.. He was the lead. I had to join. After the prayers ..we got back to his office and he wanted to suck bress…” -Ginika

“I worked in a company in Abuja where my boss mandates us to fast every Thursday aside the morning prayers ….It means no lunch break on Thursdays, with one hour prayers….But if you want to loose your job reject his date….” -Sharon

” Unique braids Port Harcourt. They will give you time to come and 30 minutes after you arrive, revival is still ongoing. Immigration office at Alausa too. ” -Nanya

What is your take on this?



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