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“Shut Up, Emmanuel! Idiot” – Father Who Clubbed His Friend Over Daughter’s Photo Dragged On Social Media

Emmanuel Nwachukwu-Daughter-600x500Just like I wrote about this story in my last post, I did reach out to Emmanuel Nwachukwu on Twitter, but he hasn’t responded to my messages.

Nwachukwu had earlier fumed on Twitter, writing:pedo-emmanuel nwachukwuFirst, I wanted to find out how recent the incident happened (although I would have still reported it, if the incident was one year old.) My search to me to Linda Ikeji blog where the story was also reported 3 days ago. As it is common with my reporting style, I wanted to sample public opinion on Emmanuel’s story and unsurprisingly, 98% of the readers agreed his friend was out of line and deserved the beating he got and more.

However, an anonymous reader felt Emmanuel was the pervert by over-exposing his infant daughter to the evil public. This reader wrote:

“Shut up Emmanuel! Idiot. You brought this nonsense on yourself. It’s overzealous people like you that set up their innocent kids. I wish the other idiot beat your silly self to pieces. You are birds of the same feather in my opinion.

Who asked you to expose the girl! Did she send you to upload her picture. Are you from Mars and didn’t realise the world has gone to the dogs? Are these the good old days when there was no social media and babies took pictures in peace covered in only nappies and powder for family albums?

What if your girl’s picture was stolen and used on sick, pornographic sites? Have you thought of how that would affect her, her image and future? Now there’s more likelihood of that happening with the girl plastered on all blogs. You sicken me! You are the pervert father here.

You are there shouting like a fool, pretending to be a caring father. Murder someone and be hung Abeg. You are the real oloriburuku here. GTFOH”Emmanuel Nwachukwu-lib comments

He was attacked for his comment. Someone else also commented:

“You are a very stupid man sir for taking a simple joke from a friend that serious, what if got maimed or even killed during the ensuing fight, you might have died for nothing.empty brains everywhere.”

These conversations may spell one thing: It may no longer be safe to share certain information about our children and family on social media. If you still want to go ahead and share, you must have to come up with security measures to protect your loved ones. You should also learn to grow a thick skin to bounce off negative comments from internet users.

My opinion is this. I have a right to my space on the world wide web. I have the right to celebrate my life and the blessings bestowed on me. My blessings include my children, my family, my marriage, my friends and my achievements. However I choose to display my blessings and my gratitude is my business. I will also try as much as possible to share my life in a way that won’t become a nuisance to other internet users by also respecting their sanity and space. If I’ve done everything possible to share my life and story within my space and you still come for my family? I will find you, like Liam Neeson in ‘Taken’,  and hunt you down like Arya Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’. And when I find you?…May God help you.

What are your thoughts on this?



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