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Sightings: Fuel Scarcity Leaves Abuja Residents And Businesses Stranded

The acute shortage of petrol in Abuja and the surrounding areas has left many residents stranded and frustrated, with long queues of vehicles in filling stations across the city.  Black marketers are selling a litre of fuel for as much as N300; over three times the official rate.

Two Sundays ago, I took the kids for a party at Gwarinpa. My tank was in the red and I couldn’t find black market fuel anywhere. My 15 month old was howling in the car. I knew he needed a bath and then put to sleep, but the queue at the filling stations snaked down forever. If I was to join it, It meant I’d be there till the following morning and the older kids would not be able to go to school.

Suddenly two boys approached me and said they could help me jump the queue for N5oo. Not a very responsible option but looking at my tired kids in the back seat, I had no choice. I paid, they jumped me as promised and I used that golden opportunity to fill my tank.

Others were not so lucky. I really pray this problem is solved, because we are suffering terribly.

I wonder if the government is aware of this scarcity because there has been no statement from them about the cause of the latest shortage.

View photos below.


Photo Credit: SaharaReporters



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