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Sightings: Memory Lane…Things We Did For Christmas

HAIR STRETCHINGLol! Does anyone remember getting this done?

I remember my Mum stretching my hair for Christmas or that special party.

For those ‘new-schoolers’ who are wondering what I’m talking about, hair stretching is a temporary way of giving your natural African hair the ‘relaxed’ look without using a chemical relaxer creme.

You’d heat an iron comb till it was very hot, then apply petroleum jelly on the comb. Your hair which had been pre-saturated with petroleum jelly is parted in sections and you comb through with the hot comb.

So your hair goes from kinky to straight like the photo below; but as soon as water touched your hair, it goes back to its natural state.

Do we still do this in Nigeria?



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  1. I remember very well

  2. yeah my sisters did it.

  3. I hrd abt it

  4. I hrd abt it

  5. Never had hair on my head. Ok, am also not a girl.

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