So Nigerian Transgender, Miss SaHHara Calls Nigerian Bloggers “Fools”? Serves Them Right!


MISS SAHHARA-600X400On Saturday, Nigerian transgender, Miss SaHHara Benson, shared these photos of her in pink underwear and joked that she took them before she was “born again.”

MISS SAHHARA-BIKINI-1 MISS SAHHARA-BIKINI-2 MISS SAHHARA-BIKINI-3Nigerian bloggers had a field day reporting all kinds of stories about it with some captioning it “her eggplant”, “her vagina” and so on.

Getting the exact reaction she was expecting, the transgender took to Facebook to laugh at and bash the bloggers who wrote about her.

What she wrote…


Then she shared three particular stories that were blogged about her sex change for all to see… MISS SAHHARA-FB-2 MISS SAHHARA-FB-3 MISS SAHHARA-FB-4

MY DEEVANALYSISFirst and foremost, I’d like to say that Miss SaHHara is a very intelligent being, in case you haven’t noticed.

It’s very obvious in the way she writes and I presume the way she speaks. She loves to give Nigerian bloggers a bait which they always fall for.

The truth is most famous people would pay so much for the cheap publicity this transgender is getting from bloggers for free. The more the buzz generated about her, the more she gets featured on the cover pages of transgender and LGBT magazines, the more she gets endorsements, and the more she’s nominated to be a spokesperson or an ambassador for a brand or cause.

Look at Angelina Jolie for instance, (No shaming intended by the way; I love her). She stole someone’s husband and got a lot of buzz for it. She went ahead and did something angelic like adopting kids from third world countries and is today a UN ambassador and one of the most powerful women in the world.

Any publicity…especially bad publicity is now good publicity. If SaHHara can get half the buzz Jolie or the Kardashians are getting, imagine how far she’ll go. And to think that she’s getting it for FREE from media people blogging from the most populous nation in Africa? Then yes, she’s right to call these bloggers fools.

The second blog story she screen grabbed from a blogger called Ayomide is actually an exact copy and paste of Linda Ikeji‘s original blog post. It’s funny how she’s very careful not to mention the most powerful blog in Africa in order not to offend the owner. Who knows, she might need Linda’s services in the future to boost her public image..Lol! Naturally, that would have been the first blog to visit and call out if she really felt aggrieved with the buzz about by her Cucumber being chopped off. But no, she didn’t. Smart woman!

SaHHara can bark all she wants on her Facebook page. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t give her the light of day on my blog. Although I admire her strong personality, intelligence and wish her well, she’s just an acid-tongued attention seeker whose talk is cheap.

I leave you with an article written about SaHHara a while back when she once lived as a confused boy in Nigeria.

She shared it on her page…



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