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So Sad! Girl Begs For Friendship On Facebook…Find Out Why [WATCH VIDEO]

LIZ 1I just had to share this video here, even though it was posted on YouTube in April, 2014.

I’m sure, just like me we’ve seen horrific accidents caused by texting while driving. I even remember watching one particularly graphic accident video that resulted from texting. But what we may never have seen is how life has been for the victims after these accidents.

Liz is a 20 year old girl, who got in an accident because she was texting while driving. She shares her story, making us see through the eyes of a ‘texting-accident’ victim, the trauma the victim and their loved ones go through after surviving the incident.

The once very social girl now has no friends, she’s lonely and even begs for friends on Facebook to hangout with her.

It is not stale news to drum it into our ears that texting or receiving phone calls while driving is so wrong and so dangerous. Stay safe people and keep others safe.

Watch the video…



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  1. Whoa!!! I can’t seem to put my thoughts into words now. Hard lessons to be learnt.

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