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SO SAD! Linda Ikeji’s Blog Deleted By Google

LINDA IKEJI 1I don’t know if this is sad news for all, but it is to me. So the winches finally succeeded? Linda Ikeji Blog is no more. It has been deleted.

There’s been an ongoing cyberwar between popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji and some unknown guy who is simply known by his Twitter name, Mr. AyeDee.

According to a blogpost Linda published yesterday , this guy was a cybersquatter trying to bring her down. She said they had bought up every possible domain name she could use to start a new blog and were bullying her into buying it off them. When they couldn’t succeed, they launched an attack against her saying her blog was full of plagiarised work…in other words, stealing other people’s work and passing them off as hers.

She told the unknown guy that he and his team can never bring her, “a good woman down” because she had the “backing of God.” I really didn’t like where this was going but I decided not to meddle.

Linda had recently flaunted her newly acquired vehicle; a 2014 Range Rover Sports Supercharged. Apparently, it infuriated many people who felt she was making cool money over their intellectual property without them getting anything.

LIBHow Linda Ikeji Blog looks now

While it may be true that Linda lifts certain stories from other blogs or website, the fact remains that every blog whether in Naija or outside Naija does the same thing. So my question is, why was she singled out? Why was she made the scape goat? I’ll tell you why and this is a big lesson…

LINDA IKEJI 2Linda’s newly acquired 2014 Range Rover Sports

Lesson 101 in Naija Blogging: HIDE YOUR HEAD!!! Linda flaunts everything she buys on social media and most times she did it in an in-your-face way. Her Instagram page is filled with photos of her in very expensive designer dresses, bags, shoes, jewellery, Rolex diamond wrist watches and so on. An average Naija person is bound to hate on her. She even said so herself that if she were the haters, she’d hate herself too.

LIB-IGFor all it’s worth, I have to confess that I like Linda. She is a perfect example of a modern day Cinderella. Life wasn’t always kind to her in the beginning. But each time she fell down she’d get up, dust herself up and keep on the struggle. She has a unique blogging style of keeping her stories short, witty and interesting.

Linda has a very strong fan base. Campaigning for her blog to be deleted would not shift traffic to the blogs of the antagonists. I just wish there was a more amicable way of settling all this.

Even though I feel so pained about it now, I believe we haven’t seen the end of this Naija Cinderella just yet. I’m rooting for her to come back bigger and better. There’s enough space in the blogosphere for everyone. I just hope this punishment was genuine and not like Linda said a deliberate act to bring her down.

I sincerely wish her all the best.



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  1. It sure looks to me what some of these guys do is copy and paste. And you get to see the same titles and exact content everywhere in Nigeria. If there was a grammatical blunder in one you’d see the same blunder in all.

    I don’t think there is any problem with copying and pasting as long as you acknowledge you are a copier: stating your exact source.

    I have seen that in one of your posts where you stated exactly where it came from. That’s more professional that the former.

    And besides , you don’t run your mouth carelessly. There sure are consequences. You can spread lies about some people but when you get on the case of some group, you’d sure have dire consequences swiftly.

    This might not mean the end of Linda Ikeji. I sure hope she learns her lessons and move on stronger and better.
    I sure hope she learns from you.

  2. I feel really pained that this befalls a young promising female blogger who was making waves in the electronic media but I feel sadder that our young up coming artists etc spend more time to show the hungry and angry world what they have acquired instead of putting more efforts to get at the top and remain there.
    I really hope and pray that Linda can settle the issue and come up again.

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