So Toke Makinwa Wants To Train Her Husband Like A Dog?


TOKE MAKINWA-597x595Lol…okay, just kidding!

TV personality and Vlogger, Toke Makinwa posted this picture below of a book cover on her Instagram page. The title of the book reads:

“How To Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days…Or Less Using The Secrets Of Professional Dog Trainers”

The book written by Karen Salmansohn seems to be heavily illustrated from the look of it.
TOKE-BOOKToke captioned the photo:

“Errrrm who has read this book? Perfect Christmas gift or nah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

It’s very obvious to anyone with sense that the TV girl found the title of the book to be hilariously funny…which I do too by the way…but most Nigerians took offense. And I’m honestly wondering why. Were they thinking she intended to tame her estranged husband, Maje Ayida like a dog?

But I shouldn’t wonder too much because we have many average-brained Nigerians running around the internet.

One of them wrote:

“Professional dog trainers..your hubby is more like a dog soo I think you really need that book more than anybody…mtchewww!”

And thousands of others spewed unthinkable insults in her comment box. Not surprising at all as chill pills are so expensive in Nigeria, people can hardly afford them.

Real women don’t tame their husbands like dogs. Ask Queen Esther, Sarah, Ruth and Mary. And I’m very sure Toke herself knows that, hence she laughed at the book’s title.

Real women tame their husbands with their strength of character, skillfully spoken words like apples of gold displayed on a silver tray, and a display of nobility in humility AND with prayer. Let me explain…

Sarah was a noble woman who showed great respect to her husband, Abraham. Meaning she carried herself with dignity but always acknowledged she was subject to her husband as the head. It isn’t subservience as some women would argue. It is a respect she freely gives her husband because she loves him and understands that he deserves it.

Queen Esther was married to a crazy king named Xerxes. But she ‘tamed’ him, not with brashness or seduction, but with words so pleasant and so carefully chosen that it could be likened to apples of gold displayed on a silver tray (Prov. 25:11). Ruth was also a woman who was wise and knew how to “skillfully” speak to a man.

Mary was a woman of honour….so obvious that it was noticed in the heavens and an angel was sent to tell her, she was blessed amongst all women. That is strength of character.

And even when the devil blinds your husband’s eyes to notice or understand all these, there’s always the last and most trusted weapon in your arsenal…PRAYER.

Men are not dogs, and they certainly cannot be tamed in 21 days. If you regard your husband as a dog, then you should really have to examine yourself. The problem certainly is with you.

Men are kings, just as a good man should see you as his queen.

Enough said.


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