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Still On Majek’s Matter…

MAJEK-GO FUND METhis story really makes me sad because I had the privilege as a kid to watch the legendary singer, Majek Fashek entertain live several times at our Shell Oil Independence parties.

Now the Rain Maker is indeed a shadow of his old self. In different interviews, Majek has revealed that drug addiction to marijuana and cocaine; as well as ‘spiritual problems’ were responsible for his ordeal.MAJEK-B4-AFTERHe’s been to rehab in America a number of times. One of such times he was said to have absconded from the facility. The legendary reggae star revealed to Encomium Magazine that rehab was helpful to him, but he was ‘scared’ of rehab because it weakened his manhood.

He said:

“Yeah, America really helped me. Most American superstars go to rehab because they take cocaine, heroin and the likes, which makes them “too high”. So, they have to go to rehab.

Rehab helps calm their brains after which they go back to their business. For me rehab was helpful.”

“I am scared of rehab. Let me tell you what I did to escape the rehab. God gave me different knowledge of orisha, babalawo knowledge. My ancestral knowledge, which I am using right now. Now I drink akpeteshie (ogogoro).”

“I prefer akpeteshie in the sense that the white man’s drugs weakens your mind, might not even be able to have sex.”

From his interview, it’s obvious the singer also has some mental health challenges and needs all the help and support he can get to beat this problem.

I was recently contacted by my good friend, Monica Omorodion Swaida who started her music career as a backup singer to Majek Fashek. She couldn’t bear to see her talented mentor waste away without his friends and fans doing nothing.

She wanted us to create media awareness about Majek’s condition so that we can help rehabilitate him. She has also set up a GoFundMe Page to raise funds for this purpose. $20,000 is needed to help restore our beloved Rainmaker to how we once knew him. So far, $3,698 has been raised…a far cry from the desired amount.

Yesterday, I shared photos of the first stage of his rehabilitation, which was getting his teeth cleaned up and fixed by a dentist. This was very necessary because Majek looked no different from a mad man before his loved ones reached out to him.MAJEK-TEETH

Please help him. I know that we tend to give up hope on people struggling with drug addiction. But we must not give up hope or fail to intervene as long as there is life.

If you wish to donate to Majek’s rehabilitation, so that he gets his life back again, please click HERE.

Thank you.

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