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Broken Bridge of Memories 3: The African Cinderella…Elizabeth’s Story

By: admin October 21, 2013

Eight year old Elizabeth was used to seeing women come and go in her father’s life. She was the fourth child. Her three older brothers had been borne to her
Broken Bridge of Memories 2: Omolara’s Story

By: admin October 20, 2013

As the sun glistened in the afternoon sky, Sale walked into his wife’s eating place with a young maiden carrying a few bundles of clothing. Omolara, the eldest of nine
Broken Bridge Of Memories 1: Nancy’s Story

By: admin October 19, 2013

I’ve often wondered about the mad man I see walking naked on the street. He rummages through rubbish bins. After he has eaten his fill of the decaying rubbish, he